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567 is an Attention Amplifier  

We all want to change for the better but the problem is, change is temporary. You know how it goes, you start out, guns blazing, and everything seems to be clicking and then you hit a road bump and you revert back to your old ways. Don’t beat yourself up over it. We all do… Continue Reading

Reverse Nostalgia and Mono No Aware

Reverse Nostalgia and Mono No Aware The definition below is taken directly from a I couldn’t have put it any better myself so before we get to the gist of thoughts for this week, give it a read.     Mono No Aware: A simply beautiful notion that stops you in your tracks, Mono No… Continue Reading

Locate the Gunman    

One of the things that I love doing most is Mind Map Coaching. And when I coach, I learn, every single time. Last week, during a session, I was reminded of the lesson of the ‘gunman’. The gunman represents threat and too often we stay around that threat way too long. Last week, I got… Continue Reading