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Those Balls

      Think about the pair of balls that it took for you ancestors to leave everything they knew, everything they had, back in their homeland, to take the chance at a better life here in this great country. Seriously, can you imagine going to a foreign land, permanently, without having any clue what… Continue Reading

The Dark Shadow and the 3’D’s

  As I continue to evolve, I realize that it does neither mankind nor myself any good to take aim at other human beings. I am not saying that I will not slip up and do it again nor am I saying that I will never judge, but I will catch myself. With that in… Continue Reading

Chasing Your Tail

  This kind of is a spin off of the last article I wrote about keeping the goal the goal. Not in the sense that you need to make sure you constantly remind yourself of your current goal, but rather in the sense that when it comes to any goal setting mission, they are driven… Continue Reading