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The Knee Yoda

 I don’t condone anointing myself anything other than but a student. So the title of this article may seem arrogant at first, however, Yoda was a master by way of being a student and seeing each situation for what it is. The first time I had my knee reconstructed, I was scared and felt like… Continue Reading

The Grim Reaper

We all have a time when the Grip Reaper comes to get us, but the unfortunate thing is when we let Mr. Grim get us before I physical time is expired. ‘Nobody has ever died of discomfort, yet living in the name of comfort has killed more ideas, more opportunities, more actions and more growth… Continue Reading

Why Eating Before Bed is a Fantastic Idea

We went away last weekend with our neighbor and her soon to be husband from Scotland. Ironically, his name is Peter Scott aka the Great Scott. Anyway, while in the hot tub, Peter was telling me that since he has been in the states for the past 4 weeks, he has lost 11 pounds without… Continue Reading