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I often get asked by people, “What is Newell Strength?”  And while some people want to say it’s a gym and others want to say its like CrossFit, neither would be the correct answer…..

So let me start out by saying what Newell Strength is.  Newell Strength is a private coaching facility in which you (the member) get customized programs in terms of workouts and nutrition with unlimited training.

Newell Strength is exclusive facility and we have an open gym format.  Meaning, while you train and receive your unlimited coaching, there will be other members training too.  Now keep in mind, everyone has their own program, not some generic, cookie cutter plan and not some plan that is just thrown together willy-nilly.  In this respect, you could say Newell Strength provides customized group training.

Now, I am sure you are going to have a question as to what unlimited coaching means.  Five years ago I discovered that one on one personal training sucks and thus I decided to abandon it altogether.  The environment with one on one stinks and there is too much down time.  So I created unlimited coaching, which means myself or one of my coaches roams the room and coaches you up and then moves to another area to instruct when needed.  If you are resting, we are helping someone else.  So you get all the aspects you would get with one-on-one training in a much better format.

Other facilities have tried to copy us and I do find it flattering, but they always fall short.   Although creating individual programs is very time consuming, we have built an inventory of over 700 templates, which we can tweak and use for each individual.

There is literally no other place like Newell Strength with the expertise and application of Coaching combined to make for the ultimate coaching experience.  If you are looking for a cheap fix, or personal training, you have come to the wrong spot and we would prefer it if you don’t waste our time or yours.

Great Fitness Coaching or any Coaching for that matter, means that we will lead you to water but its up to you to drink.  The relationship usually starts out as the Coach being the ‘light’ and evolves into the Coach being the mirror.  Most of our clients have been with us for 2 years or more, something that is unheard of in this industry.

This unique style of personal training makes for an very motivating and positive environment.

Our clients are paying for our expertise, program design and nutritional program design, not to have us sit there and count your reps!  And the format we offer allows you to come on an unset schedule (open gym, just show up on a half hour mark, i.e.-5:30, 6:00, etc) or to lock into a certain time in which you will work out with the same people lead by your own coach through the entire workout.

There is literally nothing else like it around, maybe that is why it is hard to put into words.

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  1. Did you ever finish a knee book? If so, where can I pick it up?

    I ruptured BOTH patellar tendons in the gym 2 weeks ago. Had surgery 1 1/2 weeks ago. A Bilateral is very rare for otherwise healthy individuals, so not a lot of resources out there. Trying to speed up recovery so I can get back to normal work schedule.

    • HI Dan, actually yes it is done! I am looking for an independent publisher, but I am also looking today to get it up as an ebook. I personally like having a hard copy. Within a week my online guy should have the ebook version up on the site….K

  2. I tore my right patellar tendon on Sunday snatching 185. I am so grateful that you documented your journey to recovery. Please let me know when your book is available.

  3. I picked it up today and read it in one sitting. You did a phenomenal job with it. It has already been extremely helpful. I am 5 weeks out from surgery. Bilateral patella tendon rupture. Sent you an email with some more background. Many will benefit from this rare source regarding our unique plight.

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