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Newell Strength, Resistance 2: Stubbornness

  Resistance 2: Stubbornness   ‘We will sink our junkyard dog teeth into Resistance’s ass and not let go, no matter how hard he kicks.’ So we know we have to stay stupid if we are going to overcome the inertia of mediocre momentum. Once stupid enough to believe we can do ‘it’, we need… Continue Reading

Non Scale Victories: A Cause for Celebration

Non-Scale Victories: A Cause for Celebration   By:Coach Dana In my previous article, I wrote about how easy it is to get caught up in the numbers on the scale. Focusing on those numbers as a measure of success can become discouraging especially if it is not moving in the direction we want it to… Continue Reading

Newell Strength: Pareto and Novelty

Pareto and Novelty   I have to admit, any time a client decides to leave us, I get extremely critical of myself. I run the gamut of internal questions. And I realize that it just like trying to figure out when I was younger why such and such girl would dump me, ‘take all my… Continue Reading