Try our 3-week test drive

The 3-Week Test Drive at Newell Strength

You found your way here because something isn’t right.

And by that something we mean your weight, energy, fitness, health or strength.

Otherwise you wouldn’t be looking.

We know how it feels to go to the gym, day after day, and see no results on the scale or in the mirror.

You try to ask the staff at your current gym and you are never given a logical and true solution to your fitness problems.

And its not that they don’t care about you, its simply that most personal trainers don’t know how to get you to the Promised Land.

Or maybe you don’t even go to a gym right now. Maybe they seem too intimidating.

o Machines you have no clue how to use
o Crowds that leave you feeling cramped and uncomfortable
o Meatheads roaming the perimeter
o No earthly idea of where to even begin

And because of this stuff, maybe you have tried or are currently doing an at home program. Its better than nothing, but it may still leave you wanted more. More:

o Results
o Structure
o Coaching
o People in a like minded environment
o Variety

Well, we got the solution you have been searching for, so put down the flash lights and call off the hounds.

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The 3-week trial membership has been designed to allow you to experience Newell Strength over a short period of time. Many people have come to us over the years wanting to test the waters so to speak, so we have put all of our best into creating the 3-week test-drive system.

You must come in for your initial interview and measurements before beginning your 3-week trial.

Here is what you get with the 3-week test drive at Newell Strength:

• A complete Functional Movement Screen (FMS). This allows us to correct any asymmetries or faulty movement patters which will make your body much more efficient in movement and it will allow us to help prevent injury (mostly of the overuse kind).

• A complete body composition measurement with our InBody system. InBody allows us to address your body composition from a better vantage point. This system allows us to begin customizing your individual nutrition and supplementation plan.

• 3 training sessions per week on one of our expertly designed programs. We customize your corrective exercises and place you on an appropriate plan for your current level of fitness and your goals. You will have unlimited coaching with one of our coaches, giving you everything that one on one personal training would give you without being the only client in the gym.

• A complete Mind Mapping and SMART goal setting session to figure out what’s really been blocking you from making the transformation you have been after.

• You will also receive our snail mail newsletter, the #1 Fitness/Philosophy newsletter in the country and you will receive a 20 oz. Newell Strength shaker bottle along with a Newell Strength T-Shirt.

**You will also get a free 15 minute Fascial Stretch Therapy session with Coach Dana!**

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