50 Ways to be your Greatest Self

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Read below for 50 tips to become your greatest self:

1. Thank God every morning for what you do have.

2.  Eat cage free eggs

3.  Tell your spouse you love them every time the thought enters your head

4.  Call your mom at least once per week-you came from her and you will never have another one

5.  Do sets of 40-70 seconds, they suck, but they are brutally effective for adding muscle

6.  Read 1 hour per day

7. Drink 1 gallon of water per day

8.  Write your goals down every day

9.  Meditate for 30 minutes every day

10.  Go for walks

11.  Do something in your workouts that brings you back to childhood

12.  Talk with kids

13.  If you still have grandparents, talk to them, ask them questions.  They will love it and you will learn a ton!

14.  If you catch yourself judging, stop!

15.  Take at least 6 grams of fish oil per day

16.  Treat all people with respect

17.  Talk to people that know more than you, even if you have to pay them

18.  Attend as many seminars as you can

19.  Go for your dreams

20.  Get ripped at least once per year

21.  Put yourself out there, let others know your dreams

22.  Be your own weird self

23.  Practice writing either online or in a personal journal

24.  Listen to audio books

25.  Sleep at least 7 hours per night

26.  Be a leader

27.  Realize the flow of life

28.  Squat

29.  Deadlift

30.  Squat again

31.  Break records in the gym

32.  Sprint, it is one of the most natural human movements

33.  Take care of your back heatlh

34.  Take care of your joints

35.  Warm up

36.  Get a mentor

37.  Eat grass fed beef

38.  Drink raw milk

39.  Sleep in at least once per week

40.  Join a mastermind group

41.  Scare yourself

42.  Talk to old friends

43.  Jump during your workouts

44.  Use medicine balls

45.  Constantly push your comfort zone limits

46.  Act now, ask for forgiveness later

47.  Make new friends

48.  Own up to mistakes

49.  With that last one, take responsibility for everything in your life

50.  Follow your path:)


Just some Monday thoughts, win the week!




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