Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)

FST with Dana

FST with Dana

FST is unlike anything you’ve ever had done to you before. But if we were to try and compare it to anything it would be a combination of traction, stretching and massage. You will literally feel taller and your joints will move like they haven’t moved in years!


If YOU have:

  • Joints that hurt night and day
  • Feel like you got hit by a MAC truck upon waking
  • Trouble bending over to tie your shoes
  • The feeling that you walk like a hunchback after sitting for a while
  • A profession that forces you to sit for most of the day
  • The desire to feel younger and move like your younger self. After all, joint health is the key to your biological age.

Then you are going to want to try this out!



  • $50 for a half hour session
  • $80 for an hour session

To schedule your session, email Dana at dana@newellstrength.com



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