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Defied the odds

**Keep an open mind with this article and remember I never recommend anabolic steroids to anyone. If asked, I give my honest opinion. And because of our hormonal profiles, unless there is a medical condition, females and males under the age of 25 shouldn’t consider seeking out exogenous testosterone (steroids). Its time to stop listening to the media on this one and their propaganda and need to drag people down. You are about to be schooled…enjoy**

Cheater or hero?

I was talking with my grandfather a few weeks ago about the Lance Armstrong hoopla. Listen, if you have been following me for a while, you know I speak my mind and I usually have some facts to back it up. While I totally disagree with Armstrong on how he denied use and lied and dragged others through the mud, I do not disagree with his using performance enhancing drugs (PEDs).

You need to understand that 95% of professional athletes are using something. There is too much money at stake to let the other guy get ahead and they are all hyper-competitive. Also, be clear that anabolic steroids are far safer than catabolic steroids such as prednisone and cortisone, which will literally break your body down, hence the name, catabolic. But, doctors hand these ones out like candy.

If you are one of the minority of people that actually cares about professional athletes using steroids, why is that? Do you know that steroids were first banned in the late 80’s for the safety of professional and amateur athletes because we didn’t quite know the long-term side effects yet? However, people have mixed up why they were banned with a moral issue. We now know that they effects are minimal to nil.
So why do I have the picture of Magic above? Magic was diagnosed with HIV over 20 years ago. He was supposed to be dead by now, but by all looks of it he is healthy and more muscular than when he was playing. I do not know his exact protocol, but I do know that HIV and AIDs patients are prescribed anabolic steroids to counter act the muscle wasting and enhance the immune system. Both of which seem like good things to me. How can they be so bad if doctors give them to immune suppressed, very sick patients? In addition to this, steroids were synthesized in the 1930’s and given to WWII soldiers that were bed-ridden to prevent further muscle wasting.

Back to Armstrong….I have spoken to other Stage 4 cancer patients and they say to even look normal after having that level of cancer is impossible. Here we have Armstrong who won the most grueling race in the world 7 times after coming back from stage 4 cancer. Why are we not asking, “Wow, look what this helped this guy do, how can we implement anabolic steroids into the protocols for other cancer patients?” This just makes no sense to me.

Anabolic steroids have not been implicated solely in one single death in the last 60 years (Forbes Magazine, ’12)! Yes, you read that right. Where are all the bodies, where are all the professional athletes they are developing cancer and dropping dead? They don’t exist. Lyle Alzado did not die from anabolic steroids; his own doctors are even on record of acknowledging this. He had a type of brain cancer that suppresses the immune system, anabolic steroids enhance the immune system.

I could go on and on. Again, I am by no means promoting steroids to those that don’t need them. They are here to stay in professional sports, like it or not. The only answer is to legalize them. I can hear the hypocrites coming out of the woods already, blasting me for my opinion….and I bet after a debate with me, they would go home and have a beer or two that weekend. If alcohol was discovered today, it would be a schedule 3 drug, banned! But no, the government and big companies make too much money from the sale of alcohol. Bottom line, my morals aren’t your morals, we both have a right to our opinions, but as a society its time to get our head out of our asses and look at the positive sides of anabolic steroids.

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