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Before I get into a few cool tidbits before the holiday weekend regarding fat loss, muscle gaining and health nutrition, don’t forget to watch the video below of Randee Staats and I chronicling his journey to fat loss, trying got repeat what he did last year. We will be shooting the 2nd video tonight, so stay tuned.

I have some very cool seminars I am going to be going to coming up and I will give you more details once I have made it official, but one of them would involve me getting 2 days of round table discussion with 4 doctors in the field, one being my former professor, Dr. Jose Antonio. As always, I will impart what I learn on this blog.

My Coach, John Meadows, has me eating more than I have in a long while on a consistent basis and a few interesting things have happened, as you can see in the picture below. I am putting on some nice size, I am getting more and more hungry and my strength continues to go up. I suspect I had dieted with such low carbs for so long that I started to fall into the ‘metabolic damage’ range and it is a joy as we work the calories higher and higher. The body is a funning thing.

Big and lean

At Newell Strength, I am always trying to find ways to be more adaptable and cutting edge, not for the sake of it, but for the sake of getting results. One of the high school basketball players, make that all of them, lol, is trying to gain a significant amount of muscle before the season and part of his nutrition and muscle gaining plan involved CFM protein. First, let me state that I give Matt a hell of a lot of credit because he invests and pays for everything himself, and doesn’t make excuses that he can’t ‘afford it’. Last week, he said he didn’t have any money to purchase any more CFM protein, so to make an easy shake, I instructed him to go and get whole, organic, chocolate milk and mix it with powdered milk (mainly consisting of whey and casein). Bam! There is his easy protein shake and much more affordable. I had my brother do this strategy too years ago while he was studying abroad in Spain, where it was harder than hell to find a good protein to supplement with.

2nd point, for any mass gaining or fat loss plan, you must work the plan. This means preparation, not talking about it and expecting someone else to do it for you. Champions (athletes or not) will take the necessary steps, the losers will not and this is the main reason they will remain a loser throughout life. I know that sounds harsh but its reality. Those that can take consistent and immediate action will go far in life. While listening to Jim Rohn on the way down to see Dr. Patel yesterday, he said something about the principle of diminishing motivation, meaning you must take action while the iron is hot and you are excited otherwise it will diminish and you will never get after or reach your goals. Think about how important this is in your quest.

Kyle and one of his mentors, Dr. J Patel

Another interesting nutritional thing for you pet owner out there. Mammals share similar requirements. With that, I have started to get Mateena off of her grain based food and started getting her on Blue Buffalo, a natural, meat based dog food. I also have started her on DHA chewables for kids, which is basically one of the essential omega 3 fatty acids. The reason I am starting her on a low dose and just DHA is because I wanted to let her stomach get used to it and I made the assumption that just like a young child, her liver would not be able to metabolize EPA (the other omega 3) just yet. I am expecting this to improve her cognitive and neural development, improve the quality of her coat and skin and reduce any inflammation she may encounter. I will be starting her up soon on glucosamine as well.


I know its weird but I got into this field because I love all aspects of it and if that means experimenting on Mateena nutritionally, so be it:) Happy 4th!

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