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yup, it all started way back when...

yup, it all started way back when…

About the Magic of Newell Strength


It all started with a book I read when I was still in high school, Big Beyond Belief. It was actually a mail order product (I am sure some of your younger readers will have to look up what a mail order product is :)).


I, Kyle, was lured into the wonderful world of weight lifting by a couple high school buddies.


From that point of my life on, I was fascinated with the human body and all the various systems within it. I NEEDED to know how the body worked, how to make it stronger, how to make a person’s body more youthful and energetic and down the rabbit hole I went.

John Carlton, the creator of the ad that brought me to BBB

John Carlton, the creator of the ad that brought me to BBB

Out of that NEED, grew an even greater desire to learn about the human mind and spirit. It was those three areas that have formed the foundation of Newell Strength: Mind, Body and Spirit. Combined, they can make up the entire potential of Human Strength, which is our sole focus.


Before reading further, I know that I keep saying ‘I’, its just easier for me to write that way. But Newell Strength is a team of great people, professionals and just all-around winners, it is a true WE. You can read about the team here: http://www.newellstrength.com/coaches-newell-strength/


From Teaching Kids to Champion’s Choice Personal Training


After graduating college, I got to work with Rutgers Football Strength and Conditioning, where I would meet a life long mentor in Jay Butler.


I did not pursue the college route because I had another calling, that of being an elementary school physical education teacher. I taught grades K-4 to be exact.


I was still obsessive about physical fitness, by that point already having competed in a few bodybuilding shows. I would study, study, study on every prep and lunch break that I had.


But throughout the first year, people would always approach me at the gym and ask me to write them programs for diet and training; even the teachers I taught with would hire me to write diets out for them.


And while I was an educator, I also acquired teachers and coaches of my own to continue to help me grow into a master of the body, mind and spirit.


I continued to refine my nutritional knowledge, my exercise training philosophy and my coaching ability, which to be fair, I had a ‘lab’ with which to grow my voice, organizational skills and group teaching style that I still have to this day. I’ll tell you, teaching a room full of 20 third graders in a chaotic environment makes you improve and improve rapidly at being a teacher.


What Makes You Different than XYZ Trainer?


While I don’t know whom you are referring to specifically, I can tell you that what we do at Newell Strength has not been duplicated anywhere else, at least that I know of.


We customize everything the specific client and we do this through a very thorough interview and initial evaluation.


I go deep into the mind in the initial consultation to gain clarity on the exact destination that that unique person wants to end up at. Customization + refining + progression = constant and never ending improvement.


We are an exclusive and premium facility, and we are priced accordingly. If you aren’t ready to invest in yourself and are looking for a $20 per month ‘gym’, we are not for you.  We require people with a burning desire to get better and that have an investor mindset, not a ‘fix it quick’ mindset.


We Used to Just Train Athletes


Actually, I started out training adults. But over time, as I got ready to open the first Newell Strength facility (after the PIT, which you can read about here), I decided I was only going to train athletes.


I wanted to develop a reputation as the fitness facility that got the best results and took results super seriously. And we did just that.


Fast forward some more time in my time continuum machine and we started taking adult fitness clients again.


We now have a blend of adults (65%) and athletes (35%) that train side by side, each being coached through their own personal program.


Somewhere along the way, people started thinking that Newell Strength ‘was just too hard of a place to train’ and many people sought out easier programs.


So let me be clear that we design and coach all types of clients, beginners, novices and the advanced. The beauty of having everything customized is that the program and coaching is always appropriate to you not matter where you are on your fitness journey.


The only people that aren’t welcome at Newell Strength are ego dominant energy vampiresJ


How do You go Deep into a Person’s Mind?


No, I am not a licensed therapist (as an aside, Coach Dana literally is a licensed therapist. She has her masters in it!).


But I have studied hundreds of books on the human mind works and I am one of only a handful of Mind Map practitioners in the world.   In short, Mind Map is the real science of transformation (habit formation) based in what is known as the Triune Brain Theory.


Don’t worry, you’ll be hearing a lot about this because I am fascinated by the mind and all of its workings.


At Newell Strength, everything we do is about habit formation. A true lack of information is rarely ever the issue and for those things that you truly do not know, we will educate you to ‘death’ on.


Our Obsession will be Your Gain


It’s the rare day that I am not up before 5AM. This is something that I started to do while I was still in high school, riding my bike to the local YMCA to ‘hit the weights’. I always knew in my heart that I, now WE, at Newell Strength would and could outwork everyone.


And outworking everyone can only be done by having a passion that burns brighter than the daytime sun in the desert.


I still get up at this time because my goal is to turn Newell Strength into a ‘place that’ll stand long after we are all gone’. And to get my mind, spirit and body right, I know that each morning has to have a very powerfully positive routine.


I write for thirty-three minutes and thirty-three seconds, take the pups for a walk and then head over to Newell Strength for my morning workout along with a pal or two.


I let you know this not to braggadocios, but so you know that as a team, we will work harder than anyone to help you succeed. Its what we do, its what we are known for











The Human Strength Expert


If you’d like to check some more photos out, click here.


P.S- If you are into podcasts, you can subscribe to my Unlocking Your Inner Strength Podcast here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/unlocking-your-inner-strength/id1138596023



Dan VonLehmden

Did you ever finish a knee book? If so, where can I pick it up?

I ruptured BOTH patellar tendons in the gym 2 weeks ago. Had surgery 1 1/2 weeks ago. A Bilateral is very rare for otherwise healthy individuals, so not a lot of resources out there. Trying to speed up recovery so I can get back to normal work schedule.


HI Dan, actually yes it is done! I am looking for an independent publisher, but I am also looking today to get it up as an ebook. I personally like having a hard copy. Within a week my online guy should have the ebook version up on the site….K

Dan VonLehmden

Great. I will keep checking this site for an update.

Brian Millikan

I tore my right patellar tendon on Sunday snatching 185. I am so grateful that you documented your journey to recovery. Please let me know when your book is available.


Hi Brian, you are welcome! E-book should be up this week on the site, hard copy will be a week or so, not sure which one you prefer. Thanks! -Kyle

Dan VonLehmden

Getting close on knee rehab ebook?


Yessir, all done, let me know if you have trouble downloading it….

Dan VonLehmden

I picked it up today and read it in one sitting. You did a phenomenal job with it. It has already been extremely helpful. I am 5 weeks out from surgery. Bilateral patella tendon rupture. Sent you an email with some more background. Many will benefit from this rare source regarding our unique plight.

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