Hows the knee?

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Can you tell which leg it was?

I get asked quite often how my knee is coming along and to be honest, one or two little set backs but as you can see from the picture above, the hypertrophy or muscle growth is happening nicely.

One of the best aspects of my injury last spring was that I knew I would learn more about the knee out of necessity and Newell Strength would become one of the leading facilities in the world with dealing with knee injuries, a great thing if your clients consist of athletes and former athletes.

I am teaming up with the physical therapists that helped me and Dr. Gecha to create the ultimate guide to knee injuries. So, that’s another positive that came out of the ordeal.

Here are a few things I have been doing recently that you may want to consider incorporating into your training to either rehab, or pre-hab, athlete or not.

1)Make sure you are doing closed chain exercises for the lower body, meaning your legs are planted on the ground. You need to develop the neural connection to produce proper force through your legs, which can sometimes take a hit when you suffer a serious knee injury.

2)Get as strong as possible on the injured side. Now is not the time to baby it. Getting strong will get you healthy. Perform terminal knee extensions, and a lot of them. I will post some video of this on my youtube channel for you to watch.

3)Get the posterior chain developed. 3 parts of your hamstrings cross the back of the knee. The knee is an odd joint because it is only made of soft tissue structure. The gastrocnemius (calf), also crosses the back of the knee, so be sure to add them in too.

4)Put all fear aside. Although this caused me to have a little set back, you are better off taking this attitude than one of complacency. Until you get past a knee injury mentally, you aren’t over it.

5)Wear knee sleeves, they will keep your knee warm. You want blood to get to the area. I am not a huge fan of ice unless there is persistent pain. Use heat packs and keep it warm.

6)If you have access to a stim machine, jack it up as high as you can stand as this will help with the isometric strength and force potential. I allow the PT to put it up so high that it literally looks like my quad is going to hop out of my skin.

Again, I will put some video up of what I have been doing at Newell Strength to further educate myself on the knees and to rehab my own knee. If you need any help, feel free to reach out.

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