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I am constantly working on developing my ‘champions mindset’, either through reading, writing, listening to inspirational stuff when I go for my morning walk or through visualization. It is not something I take lightly and it is the key to any area of success in life. I was recently having a conversation with some of the younger athletes in the gym. When I say younger, I am talking about high school juniors, so not too young. Now being that they have the entire summer shortly ahead of them, you would think the world was about to be their oyster. Not the way they currently view it.

When I asked them if they thought they could make the varsity team next year, they all replied NO, all the spots were already taken. Talk about a defeatist mindset! When I was in high school, I shot 500 jump shots per day and I still have the shooting charts to prove it. I shot so much that people still assume I can shoot really well, which isn’t the case. But I did it because I refused to leave my fate up to the coach. To the athletes mentioned above, I asked: “What if you followed everything we did here to a T and practiced 6-8 hours per day? Would it be possible? “ To that I got nothing but blank stares. Perhaps the realization hit them that they were responsible for whatever they got.

If you want success in life, you got to go after it. I feel no pity for those that live in mediocrity. They can try to fool themselves that they are happy, but I would argue that they are content and once you are content, you are f****d. Its game over once you settle. The reason Arnold became the best bodybuilder of all time was because he had a higher pain tolerance than any other bodybuilder. He trained himself to be able to train longer and harder than anyone else. Do you think the success he has enjoyed after bodybuilding was an accident? By training yourself to go beyond your pain threshold, you can do greater things in all areas of your life. When you get tired and want to quit is exactly the time you should push yourself even harder. When the proverbial 4th quarter comes around, the mediocre will fall back and only the champions will rise. Realize that you have complete control of your future success. ‘How bad do you want it’ is the question. And if you don’t want it, stop wasting your time because going through the motions is almost worse than not doing anything at all. Blunt but true. No one said it would be easy to lead the pack and that is why there is a hell of a lot less competition at the top of the mountain.

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