I am a big fan of Usain Bolt. Unfortunately, he was disqualified the other night at the world championships for a false start. The man is super human and I doubt we will see anyone near his speed in our lifetime again.

Think about his training for a minute. When he goes out at runs a 95% effort 100 meter dash, do you think his coach makes him jog back and do it again right away? The answer seems obvious and it is something I have been stressing to coaches and athletes the past few years. While reading Jim Wendler’s 531 for Football last night, he made the point too: SPEED WORK IS NOT CONDITIONING! If you want your athletes to get faster, give them time to get faster. This means that speed work must be done in a fresh state with full recovery between reps. Yes, this means that you may not be completely exhausted at the end of a workout, but who ever said that was the point anyway? The point of a training session is to give just enough stress to get an adaptive response. Just like medicine, too much=trouble. Conditioning on the other hand can be done at the end of a workout, with much less rest between sets and more volume. True speed work takes time. It is an insanely intense thing to run all out for up to 100 yards. I remember reading that the forces that act on the body during a sprint are up to 20x bodyweight! Compare that to what you encounter in the weight room. Not even close! Simple concept that I wish more people took the time to understand. Next time you or your coach are going to do some speed work, just think of Bolt running 6 100’s in a row without rest. Would he get faster doing this?

On to a different topic, one that always amazes me. I am shocked at the lack of willingness on people to truly want to become great. If I have to tell my athletes to push harder, or explain the value of learning to my friends, or investing in yourself frequently, how bad do they really want to be great? Most people are happy being average, to me, that is the worst thing to be. Who wants to be just average? I am constantly pushing the envelope with myself, heck, I’ve already invested a great deal of money for this upcoming year to get coaching myself in all areas of my life, including training, business and finance. I am at the point in my gym where an athlete constantly needs to be prodded to do something, I will either refund them or simply refuse to renew them when their membership is up. Greatness takes effort and stepping outside your comfort box. Can you dig it!?

Can you dig it!???


Ninja Turle leg..

This post has nothing to do with the insanely huge pair of legs to the left, but they are interesting.  They belong to Mike Lockett, a very nice guy that guest posed at one of my shows a while back.  He was the freakiest physical specimen I have ever seen and I have seen a lot!  I will talk about him some other time.  What I do want to talk about is an interesting conversation I had with one of my members tonight.  He is a very bright guy and owns his own company.  I always like talking with my men-members at my gym because many of them are former athletes, and very successful.  I will call him member X.  X was saying how he reads people in certain situations, including when him and his buddies or clients play sports together.  Are they the type of person that just kind of hangs back and waits for the game to be over (never really exerting themselves)?  Do they go all out on every play.  Are they like Rocky Balboa…you can’t keep them down and they won’t give up?  I found it fascinating because he said 100% of the time, however they are on the field or court or course is how they are in life.  I am constantly analyzing my atheltes, whether they are aware of this, I am not sure.  The ones that miss sessions, the ones that won’t push outside their comfort zones, those are the ones I worry about.  They won’t make it in life-harsh but true.  The ones that won’t give up, no matter how hard I push them, those are the ones that have the ‘greatness potential’.  I try to shine the light on it for them, but they are the only ones that can truly access it and bring it to fruition.  The workouts are just a small part of what goes on at Newell Strength.  There is a reason why I have atheltes traveling from over an hour away.  There is a reason why I have men and athletes signing up for the next year-it’s not just the training (although that does kick ass).  It is because guys and athletes want to be surrounded by other guys and athletes that have already achieved a level of success that so few people will ever reach.  You can’t teach that type of stuff.  Stay tuned for the upcoming seminar details.  Keep checking back on the website, it will be the first of its kind and the best around.  Peace!


I am incredibly pysched right now as we are having our first mastermind meeting at Newell Strength in 9 hours!  I am even more psyched for the guys that decided to come out.  This is going to be a life changing group for them.  I recently joined an exclusive mastermind group of fitness business guys and the number was capped at 12.  It was a good deal of money, but it definitely was not an expense, it WILL be a great investment for me of my time and money as I will flip it 100x! 

I was telling the story the other day about how my very first business when I was in 7th grade was a landscaping business.  I went  door to door and picked up clients and even had shirts made.  I would ride down the street with my riding mower and trailer to my clients homes.  I had an accounting system and took great pride in my business.  I guess looking back on it that it is no suprise that I am an entrepreneur.  The only difference between me and someone on the outside looking in is action. 

I read a quote the other day that the noise you hear when you tell God you have a plan is him laughing.  Although I agree with a higher power and I have my own personal faith, I think that whoever made this quote up took the easy way out.  This was just a way for them to feel good about themselves and justify their lack of trying.  According to Outliers (awesome book, see below), it takes 10,000 hours to become great at anything.  Most people are lucky if they make it to the 2,000 hour mark.  This qoute was surely made up by someone that failed to reach the 10,ooo mark.  Peace brothers-Kyle









  • It’s late and I am still working my tail off.  My girl Devon had a nice dinner waiting for me when I got with the gym at 915 tonight.  It would have been very easy for me to eat and go to sleep, but then the warrior mentality kicked in.  I just bought a new place with Devon and it is my dream to one day have all the time freedom that I want and for her to stop working.  I WILL make this happen, you heard it hear first.
  • You must take fast and furious action if you want to succeed at life.  You must also take responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life if you want to be at the top with the winners, not at the bottom with the whiners. 
  • Accomplish one thing every day towards your goals.  If you get more done, great, but one thing per day will pay huge dividends. 
  • I now have a goal board at my gym for the guys to put their goals up for everyone to see.  This does a few things:  It makes them committ to something and it helps them use other people’s will power.  Life is about making committments and following through.  I thought it only appropriate that I post my goals right here first to the world of Newell Strength:
  • I will be the number one strength coach in New Jersey in 3 years and the top strength coach in America in 10 years. 
  • I will have 5 pro athletes training with me within 2 years.
  • I will be forced to expand the gym because I will have more than 50 serious athletes training with me.
  • I will keep my bodyfat percentage at 10% or below and officially post my 1,400 pound lift total (although I was right here before I blew out two discs)
  • Enough of my goals.  I know some people are haters and don’t want to see me succeed, but they will be left at the wayside while I ride by.  I only want to be surrounded by winners and highly motivated people.  I will be bringing you guys more of the real KYLE on my youtube channel, the Kyle that most of you don’t know.  Some of you only know me as a strength coach but the real Kyle is the reason that I am the strength coach that I am. 

I know this was a bit unusual of a post, but I want to start bringing authentic Kyle into the picture.  Sometimes it may offend you, but that’s okay.  I am not here to please you.  I am here to win at the game of life.  I am proud to announce that I am also joining a very high level mastermind group with some of the top fitness and strength people in the country.  It is not a cost, it is an investment.  See you at the top!


I know I just posted last  night, but now that the summer is here, I am going to post more frequently with ‘must-know’ information.  I just finished a book by Seth Godin called The Dip this morning while hanging out in the pool at 6 am for some disc herniation healing:)  This book is  a must read for anyone that wants to be the best or be great.  Once you understand the “Dip”, you will understand success much more and you will be able to have a plan going in because you will know what to expect.  Definitely check it out:


Life is chaos.  If you think you have it all planned out, you are dead wrong.  You need to have the quality of water.  Water is the most powerful force in nature.  It can wear down rocks and steel and it can over, through or around obstacles.  Most people in life will be pissed off if they can’t figure you out or your next move out.  The reason is that most people do not like change even though its the only constant in life. People will get upset with you if you are unpredictable but that is one of the only ways to be remarkable which in turn leads to success. I am really trying to instill this in all my men and athletes at Newell Strength. Life is about dreaming and then making those dreams a reality. Life will surely throw you a few curve balls, it is your job to hit it out of the park. Are you in the top 1% in the world? You shouldn’t even hesitate. YOU can be great, for it! Check out the book below, and don’t judge by its author. Awesome book, great read!


Don't let this happen to you...

I had a few different topics that I was going to write about today, but after listening to one of my audio-cds with a few marekting experts, a new idea popped into my head.  I have always had the knowledge that if someone else did it or can do it, then I can do it too.  This might stem from my days of competing in bodybuilding and I know for sure that those days cemented this idea firmly in my mind.  One of they guys on the CD referred to the opposite thought of success envy, meaning that most people hear these other ‘stars’ in their field of choice and they think, “Man, they know it all.  I can never do that.  They are lucky.  They have it all figured out.”  He then made the point that it is VERY important to stay away from that line of thinking and I have to say that it was refreshing hearing someone else that is one the same page as my own thoughts.  All those ‘stars’, whether in your sport or career, started out at the same spot you are in right now.  Dan Kennedy says that all overnight successes take 12 years.  It is a funny statement, but there is more truth to this statement than almost any other that I have heard on a while.  I try to instill this thought into my athletes.  Are you here to get better?  Are you getting up early to get that extra meal in?  Are you outworking your opponents?  Don’t let success envy happen to you. If you want it, GO FOR IT!!


Today’s post is simple, I know that many of  my students don’t know Michael Jordan except for what I tell them of him.  I also know that many of my basketball players know Jordan, but weren’t old enough to watch him in his prime.  His work ethic was second to none, he was cold blooded in the clutch, he pushed himself beyond where any normal man could push himself, the greatest:

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