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Number one request



By far, the number one request I get from my athletes and their parents is to make them faster and more agile. If you have been following me for some time, you know that I have written about this before. But since it keeps coming up, I figured I would break it down again with a new twist or two.

Speed and agility cannot be trained for. I will do mechanics drills with the younger and even older athletes because most of them need constant repetition on that. But as far as doing the ladder or running drills, they will not do much to make an athlete faster.

Speed is a function of ground reaction forces, meaning how much force you can apply to the ground vertically to overcome gravity. Let me think…how can we develop the ability to apply more force to the ground? It’s not by running. You have an upper limit of natural running speed which you will never beat if you do no get stronger.

Stay weak, stay slow. Think about it…if I were training one of my fighters to have faster hand speed, would I just have them punch over and over? It seems silly, but that is the same idea of running agility drills to get better at agility. Get as strong as you possibly can in the posterior chain, upper back and core and your speed will shoot to the stars.

On a second note, a lot of athletes want to get faster but they don’t pay any attention to their diet. If you are like the marshmallow man, you are gonna be slow. Drop the excess weight around the belly and keep strength the same and you will get faster, voila.

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