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King Jack Moose and Kobe



I was recently watching Sports Center and Michael Jordan was on.  MJ was talking about the players playing today that he would most like to play against and he said the only one that would have a shot at beating him would be Kobe because Kobe stole all is his moves.  I agree about Kobe copying Jordan, all the way down to the way he chews his gum.  For a long time, I didn’t like Kobe, but now it seems that he is part of a breed going extinct, the athlete that will do anything to win and he will take your heart out while doing it.  Kobe was determined not to let his injury (ruptured Achilles tendon) force him to retire, despite getting up there in age.  He is going to go out on his terms and I imagine that will mean him taking a run at one more championship in a 2 seasons (don’t expect much this season).


But from a sports science standpoint, does anyone really thing he is going to Germany to get platelet rich plasma therapy?  The effectiveness of the therapy is proven, but you can’t go more than 20 miles without finding a doctor in the U.S. that will do this for you.  No, I believe he is going for other performance enhancers (I’d guess equipoise or primabolin therapy), as these two compounds rapidly regenerate collagen, which would mean much quicker healing.  And the does anyone really care if he is doing that?  If any moron can raise their hand and tell me an athlete of this caliber should just ride off into the sunset without putting up a fight, even if means using PEDs, then I believe you are just taking the stance opposite of most just to be a pain in the ass.  It is my hope that one day, the government will come to their senses and realize the vast healing properties of PEDs and their low risk of use.  Again, I say to anyone that objects: why are alcohol and tobacco not banned if anabolic steroids are banned?

50 and King Jack Moose


Ok, now that that’s off my chest, I wanted to talk a little about King Jack Moose’s story and some of the legend of what I know.  I am very excited to be having him come to Newell Strength to speak in November.  And I can only hope that you take advantage of this rare opportunity and come to hear him speak.


I met King when he approached me at a bodybuilding show last year while I was still in a wheel chair after my knee injury.  It took about 15 minutes before I figured out who he was and then started to connect the dots.  King JM was a 5 star general in one of the most reputed gangs in the United States.  My police friends have confirmed to me that he was the boss in that underworld for quite some time.


King was also jacked to the gills and held (still holds) multiple black belts, making him a walking lethal weapon.  King used to roam the streets of New Brunswick with a ninja sword and police dared not approach him unless there were at least 6 of them on the scene.


As King continued down that path, a path, which was unique to him, he wound up being shot one night 7 times.  It appeared to be the end for King JM, but the doctors were able to revive him multiple times and bring him back from the dead.  It was at this critical stage in his life that he changed his path for the better, hoping to inspire others with what he learned in his life.  Imagine, a modern day urban ninja that ran one of the countries biggest gangs, turning his life around and doing good.


Why would I have him at Newell Strength?  Because, I recognize special people when I meet them and just because he was born into a certain life that most people cannot relate to, it doesn’t mean you cannot learn from him.  Jay-Z recently said how he learned all about business when he was running his drug empire, slinging cocaine in Brooklyn.  He was referring to how that was going to help him (street smarts) when running his new sports agency business.  I view King as the same way.  And I know that a lot of the younger athletes that come into Newell Strength look up to people like King JM.


King and I have forged a unique friendship.  We both recognize a kindred spirit in one another, although we were both raised in different settings, we both have the hustler’s ‘grind it out’ mentality.  A few funny stories about King before I wrap it up: The first time he came to Newell Strength, we were chatting and a fly was buzzing around.  With lightning quick reflexes, he literally snatched the thing out of the air and held it between his thumb and index finger for me to look at.  That is the type of thing you will only see in Bruce Lee movies, lol.  And finally, just the other day, while driving down to North Carolina, I was on a call with King JM and Devon was sitting besides me.  In my truck, I have the blue tooth connection so the conversation is audible for the passenger to hear as well.  After talking for about 10 minutes, Devon said, “I didn’t understand one thing you two said to each other.”  To which I smiled and realized King and I are more similar than we appear.  Let me know if you are interested in coming and sitting in on the live filming of King JM speaking at Newell Strength about his unique views on success on November 16th.  Peace.

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