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The more I see others trying to copy me, the more motivated I become. Those strength coaches and/or gyms know who I am talking about. Man up, be your own person and create your own path! I often have people as me who my competition is in my area and the answer is: no one! There are other strength coaches and ‘gyms’ and to the gyms I say, you are not competition. People that are going to you are simply paying to use your equipment. What is your differentiation to other big gyms? You are boring! To any of the other strength coaches in my area, you can copy my lead in business or advertising, but there is a reason the athletes are coming to me and not you. I could even give you ALL of my programs that I have for my athletes and it wouldn’t matter. You are not genuine and YOU are not unique. You either have it or you don’t, nothing that can be done about that. That is why I say I have NO competition in this area. I hope that those certain people read this to let them know that I am on to them and it feels damn good to get this off my chest!

On a side note, do not forget, this Friday, 8 PM is the Pumping Iron premier movie showing on the big screen at Newell Strength. Muscle Maker Grill food will be provided and it is all FREE! I want to give back to you guys and put on a fun night for everyone. Please RSVP if you are coming so I can get enough food. Stay tuned for more fun at Newell Strength as I plan on putting on a monthly event.

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