Seeds of Failure

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With my recent decision to go full time with my dream, I have been having a lot of conversations, many of them with myself and the great authors that I have been reading. It is amazing how we have been conditioned to look for safety and security…I am sure it comes from our need to survive, but somewhere along the way people stopped taking chances.

Every event in our life brings with it seeds. Not physical seeds, but seeds that we will plant, either for good or for bad. The seeds are going to grow, it just depends on what you are feeding it. The only way to truly learn and grow is to fail and make mistakes. With this perspective, you can use the seeds of experience for personal growth and to slingshot yourself forward to greatness.

Looking at the flip side of things, the 99% way of doing things, most people fail or make a mistake and then nourish those seeds of experience in self-doubt. The problem is when the seeds grow, that grow roots that go deep and it only becomes harder over time to change your self-belief system. I have found my little self trying to talk myself into thinking I made the wrong move and I know how dangerous it is to even hear that little self out. That is the point at which I take my proverbial knife and drive it right into the heart of the little self, the self that speaks of doubt. You cannot let those seeds take hold.

I dealth with the same demons when I hurt my knee last April. I caught myself planting seeds of self-doubt for the first two days and then I took the axe to the roots and said NO. I knew from observing people how dangerous and slippery that slope is.

Maybe its naive, but I have always had a very optimistic world view and the feeling, almost delusional feeling, that I can do anything I put my mind to. I have tried my very best at every turn to plant seeds of experience, seeds that will come to fruition in becoming my greatest self. The worst thing in the world would be for me to observe my gravestone and have it read, ‘Here lies Kyle, he lived an extraordinary average life…’ The worst thing in the world is to be average, yet that is what 99% of the masses are…because they are scared to trust in their bigger Self and they have been planting seeds of fear their whole life.

Break the chains right now, become your greatest self. See what you can do. The worst thing really isn’t that bad if indeed the worst thing is failure. Because failure is how you grow into a stronger being. You make the connections for what this has to do with training, I already know and as I always say, the weight room has been my greatest teacher.


The more I see others trying to copy me, the more motivated I become. Those strength coaches and/or gyms know who I am talking about. Man up, be your own person and create your own path! I often have people as me who my competition is in my area and the answer is: no one! There are other strength coaches and ‘gyms’ and to the gyms I say, you are not competition. People that are going to you are simply paying to use your equipment. What is your differentiation to other big gyms? You are boring! To any of the other strength coaches in my area, you can copy my lead in business or advertising, but there is a reason the athletes are coming to me and not you. I could even give you ALL of my programs that I have for my athletes and it wouldn’t matter. You are not genuine and YOU are not unique. You either have it or you don’t, nothing that can be done about that. That is why I say I have NO competition in this area. I hope that those certain people read this to let them know that I am on to them and it feels damn good to get this off my chest!

On a side note, do not forget, this Friday, 8 PM is the Pumping Iron premier movie showing on the big screen at Newell Strength. Muscle Maker Grill food will be provided and it is all FREE! I want to give back to you guys and put on a fun night for everyone. Please RSVP if you are coming so I can get enough food. Stay tuned for more fun at Newell Strength as I plan on putting on a monthly event.

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