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I had the great chance to speak with Coach Mike from New Orleans yesterday afternoon about what the best ways to train for explosiveness are. This kind of goes right in line with yesterday’s post, so I thought I would share some more insight. Squats and deadlifts are a must in any program. How much you perform them is individual, but certainly not more than 2x per week. I would cycle the variation of the exercise from week to week as well. If you work at 90% or higher on a certain lift for 3 straight weeks, the CNS will start to regress and you will actually lose strength. I would definitely also incorporate glute-ham raises, reverse hyper extensions, rear foot elevated split squats of some variation, box jumps and sled work. Not too big of a list to choose from and remember, I would only use 3 of these exercises maximum per workout. One of the big moves, one of the posterior chain movements and possibly a single legged move or sled work. Getting stronger will lead to more power, but you must also work in sprints or jumping or dynamic squats to train the power component to the fullest. Training with a weight from 40-60% will get the job done. Also want to give a shout out to all the guys that had a killer session last night, there were 12 there in total at the 7 PM session!


My old friend, Danny, met me in the local high school parking lot this morning for a sled workout.  Danny has been competing for a number of years in bodybuilding and he is actually one of the guys I looked up to when I first started to compete.  He was the only local guy I had access to that could help me along.  Anyway, we always have nasty, instense workouts when we get together.  Danny just came to observe this morning to see what the sleds are capable of, but he is going to start incorporating them into his routine.  A hard area to develop for many bodybuilders is the posterior chain, an area that is strongly emphasized when I train my performance athletes.  Sleds are a great way to strengthen and grow the posterior muscles (if that is your goal).  Sleds have been called the sport specific leg press and there is no reason that they cannot be used for hypertrophy as well.  When I prep my clients for bodybuilding shows, I train them as athletes, not bodybuilders.  Their health is much better off for this and they don’t have to perform hours of ‘cardio’.  If your goal is to get jacked, seriously consider investing in a sled or come over and try them out.  Check out these sled drags from Joe Defranco’s place:

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