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Hey guys, hopefully you have set your goals and are working on them already for the new year.  Sometimes, when I don’t have any set topic to write about, I will just give you random thoughts from the view of a strength coach, so here ya go.  Take Fish Oil, lots of it.  It is so good for brain function, recovery, skin and the immune system, that you must take it every day.  Things that are good for you, do every day.  Things that are going to make you healthier, do every day.  Think about things that are good for you and tell me if this is not true.  How much Fish Oil, up the dose until the point where you get diarrhea (I know, gross) and then lower the dose slightly below this point.  Second, SPRINT!  Running a fast 5 K is not a sprint.  Go out and run 100 meter sprints, 400 metere sprints, 40 yard sprints.  It is very demanding and intense, great for the whole body, is one of the most natural things our body can do and is a great conditioner.  It is fun too.  Put these things to use, otherwise, you wasted your time reading this!

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