The Voice Inside of You

By kyle 2

That dude in the above video is the Ultimate Warrior, a childhood hero of mine. He speaks the truth and so simply that it is prophetic. I am a crossroads in a good way in my life and as usual, I always try to get as many opinions from people smarter than myself as I can gather. I take in what they have to say and process it, not agreeing 100%, but often being nudged in the right direction. I am planning on growing Newell Strength, located in Hillsborough, New Jersey, into the premier personal training, human strength and athletic training facility in the world!

But here’s the thing, I know in my gut what the right thing to do is. No one but me can decide my path, not my wife, not my best friend, not my parents, not my mentors. You have one shot to live this life and you will only get to the top if you follow your gut. Most of the time, that path is going to be much harder than the easy path that you are currently on. But all those obstacles and walls will only reveal how badly you really want it. Most people get to those barriers, otherwise known as the edge of their comfort zone and turn back.

If you wanna be a great athlete, show me, don’t tell me. If you dog it when no one is watching, you don’t really want it…If you always wanted to own a bed and breakfast then what the F*** are you doing working in the corporate 9-5 world? Your lizard brain is going to think of all the reasons why it can’t be done and this will happen instantly. Let me tell you one reason why you can do it, because it has been done before and your gut is telling you to go for it.

No one wants to get to the last chapter of their life and realize they forgot to write half the book. Yet, this is what happens to most people. You are in control of your life, no one else. You are responsible for every single thing that got you to where you currently are. Whats the choice going to be? How bad do you want to be great? Better yet, how much are you willing to sacrifice to live the life you’ve always dreamt of?

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author: kyle


Ultimate Warrior is quack. He should have stayed with the WWF. He lived in AZ and did nothing for years.

He’s kind of intelligent though in a weird way. His character was awesome. RIP warrior.

Watch his latest match on youtube. He’s runs like 2 mph.


Ya, but I love his intensity. I grew up in his heyday, good stuff. Not sure what his deal is now though but i do like his philosophy on life. Be good-Kyle

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