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Increase Your Energy

Look Younger

Love the Way You Feel

Newell Strength is a Customized Fitness Program Specifically for Adults over 35.


You’re Losing Energy While Gaining Weight...


If you’re like most, this gives you the feeling of overwhelm and you don’t even know where to begin...



Surround Yourself With a Community that Breeds Positive Energy


Each and every time you come to Newell Strength, an expert Coach will take you through every step of your workout.

During your workouts and in between workouts, we help you have a complete mindset transformation so that you can finally make a permanent transformation. 

“I suffered from terrible anxiety and felt like I wasn’t able to give me kids my best self....starting at Newell was the absolute best thing I ever did....”
— Cortney Pollara

Our Proven Process

At Newell Strength, we are focused on a complete Mind, Body and Spirit Transformation. Following your FREE Consult (Where we will go over your goals, starting point, and game-plan), we will follow our Proven Process:


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FREE consultation


Get fast results

Success Stories

“My perspective on nutrition is completely transformed. I’m truly listening to my body and making sustaining changes. This is complete freedom and everyday is about progress.”

Polly Edelmann

Wife, mother of 3

“I feel a HUGE difference in my mood. I’m actually excited to get up at 5:30 in the morning to go to the gym, which is something I've never looked forward to before.”

Chad Kennedy

Business owner, husband, father

“Working out at Newell has improved my both confidence and outlook on life. And at 15% body fat and 5 lbs lighter than pre-pregnancy, It's easy to fit in 2 days per week for the rest of my life!”

Andi Gurba

Teacher, wife, mother of 2

“I’m down 60 lbs and counting. I’ve inherited some really good habits... and now this is one of my favorite places to be.”
— Andrew Tina