The 15-Day SuperHero Quickstart

Are you looking for a breakthrough for ONE specific fitness goal that has been eluding you?

If you answered yes, then this is the starter program for you. Maybe you:

  • Have been stuck at a certain number for too long

  • Want to incorporate some new styles to your strength training to engage your mind and body

  • Have a strength goal that never seems to come any closer to where you currently are

  • Have some kind of joint pain that hasn’t gone away in quite some time

  • Have a mindset issue, never able to take that action step

  • Are looking to cement some new habits into your ‘way of living’

  • Want to look your best for that special occasion that is just a few weeks away


No matter which one of these things it is, we will design a completely customized program from start to finish to help you make leaps and bounds and just 15 days.


Included in this program are:

  • A 30 minute Mapping Coaching session to develop the most efficient and customized plan of action for your 15 days with Newell Strength

  • A personalized ‘road map’ condensed to just a one-sided sheet for you to implement

  • 3 customized training sessions per week tailored to help you reach that specific ‘thing’ that has been eluding you. This includes unlimited access to our large group training classes, and our small group training classes with a 4:1 ratio of clients to Coach.

  • A protein shaker bottle so you can get your FREE post workout protein shake after every workout.


If you would consider yourself more of an advanced trainee, then this is the trial program that would be best suited for you.

Stay tuned, application coming soon.