Welcome! I am very happy you found us. Take all the time you’d like getting to know us and developing a list of questions you have for us. That way, when the time comes, we will know if we are the right fit for you.

The foundation of Newell Strength is built upon 3 things: Mind, Body and Spirit. Combined, they can make up the entire potential of Human Strength, which is our sole focus. And when I say “our” it is because Newell Strength is a team of great people, professionals and just all-around winners.

What makes Newell Strength different than XYZ trainer?

While I don’t know whom you are referring to specifically, I can tell you that what we do at Newell Strength has not been duplicated anywhere else, at least that I know of. We customize everything the specific client and we do this through a very thorough interview and initial evaluation. I go deep into the mind in the initial consultation to gain clarity on the exact destination that that unique person wants to end up at.


Customization + Refining + Progression = Constant, never-ending improvement.


We are an exclusive and premium facility, and we are priced accordingly. If you aren’t ready to invest in yourself and are looking for a $20 per month ‘gym’, we are not for you. We require people with a burning desire to get better and that have an investor mindset, not a ‘fix it quick’ mindset. We promise to provide you with the best ROI you’ve ever received, in fact, we guarantee it! (see our guarantee)

We design and Coach all types of clients.

We have a blend of adults (65%) and athletes (35%) that train side by side, each being coached through their own personal program. Somewhere along the way, people started thinking that Newell Strength ‘was just too hard of a place to train’ and many people sought out easier programs.


So, let me be clear that we design and coach all types of clients, beginners, novices and the advanced. The beauty of having everything customized is that the program and coaching is always appropriate to you not matter where you are on your fitness journey. The only people that aren’t welcome at Newell Strength are ego dominant energy vampires. 

How do you go deep into a person’s mind?

No, I am not a licensed therapist (as an aside, Coach Dana literally is a licensed therapist. She has her masters in it!). But I have studied hundreds of books on the human mind works and I am one of only a handful of Mind Map practitioners in the world. In short, Mind Map is the real science of transformation (habit formation) based in what is known as the Triune Brain Theory. Don’t worry, you’ll be hearing a lot about this because I am fascinated by the mind and all of its workings.

At Newell Strength, everything we do is about habit formation. A true lack of information is rarely ever the issue and for those things that you truly do not know, we will educate you to ‘death’ on.

Our obsession will be your gain.

It’s the rare day that I am not up before 5 AM. This is something that I started to do while I was still in high school, riding my bike to the local YMCA to ‘hit the weights’. I always knew in my heart that I, now WE, at Newell Strength would and could outwork everyone. And outworking everyone can only be done by having a passion that burns brighter than the daytime sun in the desert.


I still get up at this time because my goal is to turn Newell Strength into a ‘place that’ll stand long after we are all gone’. And to get my mind, spirit and body right, I know that each morning must have a very powerfully positive routine. I write for thirty-three minutes and thirty-three seconds, take the pups for a walk and then head over to Newell Strength for my morning workout along with a pal or two. I let you know this not to braggadocios, but so you know that as a team, we will work harder than anyone to help you succeed.

It’s what we do, it’s what we are known for. We look forward to working with you and helping you on your journey. 

Kyle Newell

The Human Strength Expert

Kyle, his wife Devon, and their sons Brax and Colt