What can I expect with my Trial Program?

We’ve taken the time to strategically create an all-encompassing system that replaces nearly all other fitness centers and gyms that have failed you in the past.

What’s unique about Newell Strength?


Most people go to a gym and have no idea what to do once they arrive. The stress of creating or looking up a workout can often be as stressful as the workout itself. If you free up head space by allowing the pros to design your plan based on your needs and goals then your successes and progress will come to you more rapidly and permanently.

Valued at $150/month

Nutrition System

Most people try to find the latest fad that other people are doing when it comes to diet. And you may be able to stick with it for a few weeks or heck, you may have even stuck it out for 6 weeks, but then, your will power breaks. Diets don’t work. In fact, anything that uses willpower is anti-habituation for the brain. In other words, the brain won’t form habit around anything that is doesn’t find pleasurable and smooth. With that in mind, we have designed nutritional systems that are simple to implement and even easier to stick to. The information and application that you can find in our nutritional systems was formulated over 15 years and tens of thousands of dollars worth of education and coaching on our end. These will work every time!

Valued at $97

High Level Accountability

One of the most sought after reasons that people hire a Coach is for accountability. Yet, your Coach will only see you for a handful of hours each week. And during those ‘off-hours’, temptation and old habits can creep in. With this in mind, we have developed online accountability groups in which you will check in nightly. Just knowing that you have to report to your group every day is priceless as far as keeping you on track. This is not mandatory but it is offered as a part of your membership upon asking for entry.

Valued at $100/month

Monthly Workshops

Most people form habits better when they understand what they are doing and why. This is where ALL other gyms fall flat. They don’t offer continuing education for their clients. We do. And, we reinforce the basics and teach you the latest and greatest which your brain will absolutely eat up. The brain craves novelty and novelty keeps the brain engaged in what you are doing. What would it be worth to you to ‘stick’ with your program this time?

Valued at $30/workshop

Unlimited Coaching

You may have a program that looks perfect on paper that you tore out of the most popular fitness magazine, yet you bring it to the gym and you don’t know what anything means. It’s a foreign language. And then one day, a friend or trainer at the gym shows you how to do a few of the things, but something doesn’t feel right, your form feels off. Your workouts are taking you forever and you aren’t sure that you shouldn’t be doing something else that is a better use of your time. The benefits of always having a coach there to push you, to answer questions for you and to make sure you are safe are invaluable. By using the system that we use at Newell Strength, you won’t run into the typical trainer-client problem of getting into lengthy conversations between each set. You have fun, but you work intelligently and you work efficiently. It’ll be an entirely new way to train for you. Hiring a mediocre trainer in our area will cost you $80 an hour. What would it be worth to you to have the top Coaches in the state with you during every single workout?

Valued at $500/month

Monthly Assessments

It’s great when clients start out on a program but how do you know that it’s working? Too many clients in the fitness industry keep doing the same things despite not seeing any results. That is frustrating and a BIG waste of time. That is why we check our client’s progress monthly. We use tools such as our top of the line ‘In-Body’ scale that was $10,000 and can tell you your body fat percentage, risk of heart disease and risk of type 2 diabetes, muscle mass, hydration levels and more in just 90 seconds! But there is more to your progress than the scale, we also assess movement patterns and making sure your body is pain free and moving with fluidity. Lastly, we make sure you are ‘mentally engaged’ into your program from month to month. After all, the two things that will cause you to not reach your fitness goals are boredom and burnout. 

Valued at $70/month

Customized Supplement Plan

Supplements are just that: supplements. However, trying to figure out which ones your specific body type needs is nearly impossible with all the information out there. The wrong doses and the wrong things can do more harm to your body and wallet than not taking them would do. At Newell Strength, we use BioSignature Modulation to pinpoint exactly what you should be taking and in what doses. We will lay the plan out for your needs and your budget which will only help to move you one step closer to your goals.

Valued at $100/month

Hard Copy Monthly Newsletter

The wrong information is plentiful. The right information infused with ‘how to’ is priceless. That’s what our members get in our monthly, old school, hard copy Newell Strength newsletter delivered directly to your door. Imagine getting a piece of ‘info-tainment’, containing 12+ pages aimed at helping you cement your new habits every single month. Well, once you sign up, you won’t have to imagine it, because it’ll be a reality.

Valued at $47/month

It is our guarantee to YOU that you will be 100% satisfied or you will get your money back, in full, no hassles. This is known at Newell Strength as the ‘Dax and Brax’ guarantee. 

I started going to Newell Strength back in May 2015 after a series of failed attempts at breaking 2 hours in the half-marathon. At that time Kyle told me if I committed to just 1 gym night per week I would meet my goal at my next race (November). I took him up on the challenge and started my weekly gym nights. About 12 weeks out from my half marathon I started my normal training plan (4 runs/week). Once the race got closer I started to let doubt creep in, but a Mind Mapping session with Kyle allowed me to put those fears aside and just go for it. I am happy to report I finally broke the 2-hour mark that November, coming in at 1:59:45. I called Kyle from the finish line to thank him.


Fast forward to September of 2016, and I once again set my sights on a Personal Record. I started doing the Metabolic Enhancement Training (MET) classes in May, and added a 2nd gym night to my week. I was able to break my standing PR by 21 seconds, crossing the finish line in 1:59:24. I firmly believe that I could never have achieved these goals without Kyle and the crew at NS!

Taryn McClean

Wife and mother of 2

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