What we are doing to help keep YOU and our Team safe!

Cleaning Protocols
We will have multiple deep cleanings every day- Our coaches will be coming in 1 hour prior to opening to disinfect and clean all surfaces. We will also be spending time in between sessions cleaning and disinfecting everything that was used in the previous session as well as deep cleaning at the end of each shift. We will be cleaning everything in the gym, every band, every med ball every handle…Everything!


How Members Can Help
We will be stocking the gym with hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies all throughout the facility. Please be sure to thoroughly wipe down every piece of equipment immediately after you use it. This is essential to help this effort!

Social Distancing
Small groups will be separated into individual Pods and remain separate from Individualized Training. Large group classes will not be offered at this time due to safety restrictions.

You will have the option to not share equipment with anyone during the small group workout. If you so choose, you’ll gather your equipment at the start of your session and keep it with you for the remainder of the session.


Safety Protocols
1. Always enter through the front door, which will be propped open, to avoid touch point of the main door handle.
2. Please bring your own workout towel, as we will temporarily not be supplying towels.
3. All sessions should be scheduled, no exceptions so that we can keep track of all visits. (If you have trouble booking
please contact our offices)
4. Each client/station will have their own cleaning towel and cleaning solution for the duration of class. We will wash the cleaning towels in bleach after use.
5. Please bring your own mat if you wish to do any exercise that would require lying down on the floor or turf.
6. We will temporarily cover the water fountains so we encourage you to bring your own water.
7. Your temperature will be taken at the door with an infrared thermometer and you will be asked 4 quick questions.
8. All bathrooms will be closed.
9. You will need to keep a minimum six feet from the instructor and any fellow members.
10. No more than twelve members at the gym at one time