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When: Thursday, December 8th at 7:30 PM


Where: Newell Strength Hillsborough 

2 Ilene Court, Building 1, Units 20-22

My name is Kyle Newell, owner and CEO of Newell Strength.  


Never before have I put on a fasting seminar for the general public.  Up until now, this was reserved for private members and different presentations that I have been asked to give throughout the years.


I have people literally all over the world that have paid me nice sums of money to learn what I know about fasting.  You see, I am the world’s leading expert in the practice of fasting.  


And, lucky for you, one of my very best friend’s, another fasting expert and stud, BK, is coming out from Chicago to give a joint presentation with me.  


If you’ve been suffering for your entire adult life with weight struggles, despite your best efforts….


If you’ve tried and failed on nearly every fad diet out there, including keto, low carb, carnivore, vegan, carb cycling, Weight Watchers and whatever other crazy ‘shake and bar’ scams that are out there right now….


If you’ve beat yourself up because you feel that you just lack the willpower to succeed at successfully losing weight, regardless of your best intentions….


Then this seminar is for YOU.  


We are not going to withhold any information.   This is simply to show you a new approach, a better approach, that I’ve been able to help thousands of people use at this point to better health, smaller waistlines and a HUGE reduction of health issues.  


If you apply what we teach you in this hour-long seminar, you will finally be able to have the health and body image that you have long desired.  


Imagine that….actually loving the way you look and feel and being pumped about what you see in the mirror every morning.  


Here are just a few of the things we will be covering in this one of a kind seminar:


  • Why sleep is the best diet in the world and a failure to address this will dramatically increase your risk of cancer and heart disease

  • How to improve your sleep so that you feel great when you wake up

  • How psychological stress will cause insulin resistance (which is the root cause of every disease known to mankind

  • 3 Unbelievable tips on how to reduce stress, things that you’ve most likely never even thought of

  • Why just drinking regular, plain water, is not the way to stay hydrated

  • What you need to add to your water (you won’t believe it) to boost your metabolic rate, increase your energy and reduce cravings for sugar, aka the White Devil

  • How fasting will dramatically alter your hormonal profile, leading to a leaner, fitter you

  • Discover how to get started with fasting and what you can expect in your first 30 days as far as weight loss and other side effects

  • The 3 Phases of Fat Loss and Why You Can’t Skip Any of Them

  • Discover the Signals Your Body Will Send When it’s In Fat Loss Mode

  • Why Metabolism is the Most Misunderstood Concept in Fitness and What You Should Know about it

  • What Food Entrainment is and Why It Sets You Up for Repeated Diet Struggles

  • What Stubborn Body Fat is and How to Attack It

  • How to Increase Your Own Natural Fat Loss Hormones

  • The 1 Hormone That You Must Keep in Check to Free Up Fat Stores


There’s so many more nuggets of wisdom that you’ll pick up regarding your health and mindset from BK and I, if you’ll just invest 60 minutes of your time.  


We only have room for the first 120 people that sign up because of space in the gym.  


And, the first 50 people that sign up will receive a free, autographed copy of my best selling book, The Panda Diet (sells for $39 on Amazon).


To register for this event, simply go to:


But, do not register and not show up.  If you aren’t positive you can make it, don’t take a seat away from someone else that is ready to make a life transformation.  


Decide if 2023 is going to be the year that you make yourself better and keep it that way.