Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is unlike anything you’ve ever had before.

But if we were to try and compare it to anything it would be a combination of traction, stretching and massage. You will literally feel taller and your joints will move like they haven’t moved in years!


If you have:

  • Joints that hurt night and day

  • The feeling like you got hit by a MAC truck upon waking

  • Trouble bending over to tie your shoes

  • A profession that forces you to sit for most of the day

  • The desire to feel younger and move like your younger self.

Then you are going to want to try this out!

FST with Dana


60 M I N U T E S

Single Session: $100

5 Session Package: $400

10 Session Package: $775

30 M I N U T E S

Single Session: $65
5 Session Package: $250


To schedule your session, email Dana at dana@newellstrength.com

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