How to Have the Healthiest Heart Around

If Your health and living for a good deal longer on this planet is of importance to you, then YOU will want to make sure you attend this FREE seminar.

This isn't about telling you how many calories to eat or what medications to take.  Nope, that would just be trying to improve upon what's already gotten you to exactly where you're at.  

This about about presenting you and giving you brand new ways of thinking about your heart and health that will give YOU a whole new reality.  A potential new lease on life. 

This is a FREE event; you can even invite a friend or two. 

DO NOT sign up if YOU:

  • Have it all figured out

  • Have no desire to improve your heart health

  • Don't want to be exposed to new, highly relevant information regarding your health

-Kyle Newell, CEO of Newell Strength