How to Bulletproof Your Hips, Knees, and Ankles... 

So That You can Live and Play Pain FREE

In this One of a Kind Seminar YOU Will:

✅ Discover the secret simple self test for hip arthritis

✅ Learn what the different types of knee pain mean

✅ Learn why the hips are the key to knee health

✅ Know when surgery is needed and when it's not

✅ Discover the truth about knee and ankle braces

✅ Understand how to avoid tearing your achilles tendon

✅ Find out what causes the 'dreaded' plantar fasciitis

✅ Know when it's time to get an injection

✅ Find out the number one exercise you can do for knee health

And a ton more!!!


When: Thursday, May 19th at 7 PM

Where: Courtside Racquet Club

1115 State Route 31 South

Lebanon, NJ 08833

This event will begin at 7:00pm and we will wrap up the presentation by 8:15pm. Tickets are free!

This is a FREE event; you can even invite a friend or two. 

If you can't make it to the event we will be doing a live stream on the Newell Strength Flemington Facebook page.

DO NOT sign up if YOU:

  • Have it all figured out.

  • Have no desire to improve your shoulder, elbow, or wrist pain.

  • Don't want to be exposed to new, highly relevant information regarding your current pain.

-Kyle Newell, CEO of Newell Strength