Are you looking for a clear, simple solution to your dieting struggles?

I have been in this game a long time and I can tell you that without a doubt that you need both the diet and the exercise to achieve your fitness goals. They are both like individual wheels on a bike. Without one, the other doesn’t work. But I can also tell you that when they are both being implemented, diet and nutrition play a far larger role in you reaching your body composition goals than exercise. I’d even go as far as to say that diet is 90% of the battle.

The problem: You can’t seem to stick with those
core-dieting habits that will get you to the Promised Land.


This is most likely due to:

  • Lack of time

  • Temptation

  • Programs that you can’t stick with for more than a few weeks

  • And…lack of a plan


But it most certainly is not caused by a lack of knowledge. You know what healthy eating is and if you don’t you can Google it. If you could stick with your eating and supplementation plan, all your exercise efforts would pay off.

The solution: Newell Strength Nutrition.


Newell Strength Nutrition, a subdivision of Newell Strength, is a 6 or 12-week coaching program designed specifically for you. We will educate you on what to eat, when to eat it, and what supplements to take, all in a highly detailed ‘map’ laid out for you. You will have 100% clarity and the coaching support to achieve your goals. Coach Dana personally designs each and every aspect of your customized plan and then she holds you ‘to the fire’ so to speak.


I can read your mind right now, so let me jump ahead and answer the objections you may have:

  • Price. To have a full-time nutrition coach must be super costly! And if you are a Hollywood celebrity, it is! But we have developed the systems to provide you a full-time nutritional coach that is in touch with you multiple times per week. All for less than $50 per week!

  • Diets You’ve Experienced. Maybe you have had some short lived success in the past with your diets. But I got news for you, they didn’t work if your body went back to its old form after some short time. And I agree, diets DO NOT WORK! That’s why with us, you will never be on a ‘diet.’ This is different than everything you’ve done in the past.

As a Licensed Therapist with multiple nutritional certifications, Dana has combined numerous philosophies and successfully developed a coaching program that is like nothing else out there. I know, because I’ve seen and done it all. You know exactly what to eat, so that’s not the issue. The issue you have is in finding a program that will work forever, which is what are promising you in Newell Strength Nutritional Coaching.


Only 4 spots open per round.


Click the button to fill out the application and Coach Dana will review it. No pressure, but once those 4 spots are taken, you will have to wait another 6 weeks before we open the doors again.


As always, we are confident in our services that we offer the ‘Dax and Brax’ guarantee: If you for whatever reason do not enjoy the coaching program or if you feel like you didn’t get results, we will give you back your investment, zero strings attached, no questions asked.

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Dana you were an inspiration. You gave great advice, allows checked in and wouldn’t allow me to slip into my old habits. I would recommend you to all of my friends and family and you really made the 6 weeks fun. Thank you for your knowledge persistence and above all kindness. I can tell you really care about your clients and have a passion for fitness and changing lives. Thanks Again!


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