Designed specifically to help busy Dads regain their fitness, energy, confidence and take back control in their life.


Begins March 7th!!!

Ripped Dads Right for You If....

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You're sick of trying fad diets that leave you spinning your wheels

You are disgusted by what is looking back at you in the mirror

You're too tired for the most important relationships in your life, thus, you

just go through the motions

You know that investing in yourself is really the only way to growth.  Yes,

you can keep trying on your own, but what will that cost in you in terms of

money, time, frustration, and withering relationships? 



Ripped Dads, Spring 2021

Our Ripped Dads Includes:

Unlimited Access to our World-Class Small Group Personal Training Classes

Lessons on Mind Mapping, an incredibly powerful tool that'll help you understand how your brain works and why you've gotten stuck in the past.  

Our Panda Diet Fasting System designed to strip away fat and unlock ancient health and vitality pathways

Daily Accountability via the private ‘Ripped Dads’ Facebook page

Weekly Webinars to deepen your clarity and understanding of what you're doing so you end with life-long habits

A Community of like-minded Men who are on a mission to be the best version of themselves


Jerry Donahue, Ripped Dads Champ, Spring 2021

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Al Bauer, Ripped Dads, Spring 2021

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