The Shredder Challenge

How would you like to try an amazing 6-week program designed to help you make a quick, sweeping transformation to your body?

If you’ve been at a plateau for a while in terms of how you feel, how you look and nothing else seems to be working, and would like to:

  • Finally get back in shape.

  • Discover a way that works for YOU.

  • Increase your energy levels and motivation.

  • Create more time for yourself.

  • Cut through all the BS advice once and for all.


Then YOU are the perfect person for the Shredder Challenge.

During the Shredder, you’ll receive:

  • A Chance to Win $2500 In Cash Prizes 

  • 4 customized training sessions per week tailored to help you reach that specific ‘thing’ that has been eluding you. 24 Total Sessions ($450 Value)

  • A weekly accountability In-Body check-in with a Coach in which we take the vital measurements we need to know about to keep you on target. ($240 Value)

  • 2 Online Lessons ($150 Value)

  • Free Panda Diet Book ($49 Value)

  • Free Swag

  • An initial consult with a Coach where we will outline your very specific ‘shred goal’

  • Education on how to efficiently train for the most dramatic changes in the shortest amount of time

  • Access to Our Private Facebook Group

  • Lose Weight and Gain Muscle GUARANTEED!


  • Teams of 3: At least one non member and one woman (can be one and the same).

  • 6 Weeks 

  • Start Date: 4/18/22

  • End Date: 5/27/22

  • Taking a total of 50 teams

  • $2,500 in cash prizes

  • Finale Party

  • Price: $99 per member or as their free challenge, $299 per non member (includes everything above)

Let’s get started.


If you think you would be a good candidate for the Shredder Challenge, please click the button to fill out the application form and we will be in touch. Once we decide that you are a good fit for Newell Strength, we will get crackin’!

P.S. If you’d like a less intense program, then you should consider our 30-Day Risk Free Trial.