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100 Year Old Teachings

I recently started reading a book called Rational Fasting, by Professor Arnold Ehret.

The book is from 100 years ago.

And within the first fifteen pages he is speaking about the same protocol that I teach.

His starting fasting length is 36 hours and he advises to have predominantly fruit and that a fast should be broken with fruit.

When I was on the Bill Spadea show recently, I advised Bill to break his first 72 hour fast with fruit, when all the other people were telling him to break it with fat such as bacon.

Unfortunately, this is the common advice out there for those that dare enter the world of fasting (to most, even fitness experts, it's simply too scary because they don’t understand it).

Even those that teach fasting, which are few and far between, I haven’t heard anyone else speak about the importance of fruit within the protocol.

How could I have come up with the same protocol, having never read this book until now, that Professor Ehret did some 100 years ago?


Self-experimentation and tapping into the ether of inspiration and ideas that are constantly floating around us, most never stopping to tap into them.

We are all transmitters and creators. It’s in our nature.

Be Unconventional - Kyle Newell

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