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11 Million Bits of Information

Two weekends ago, synchronicity came to greet me once again.

You can call it random or luck, but I know what I believe it is.

A few of the examples:

-Having visions of a longtime childhood friend as I was driving to my parents to pick up the kids friday night, laughing our tails off, feeling like I was driving through the old Hillsborough from when I was young. This was on Friday night, Saturday night, who texts me and calls me out of the blue for the first time in 6 months? He told me had a dream about me that night and literally woke up to this phone playing one of my YouTube videos. Ha!

-As we were rolling up the old flooring from the red side in Hillsborough, pondering putting it up on different sites for sale, a friend and client texts me to see if I could sell him some flooring.

-I began reading a book I pulled off my bookshelf, that I didn’t even know I had. Just a few days before the weekend I was explaining what hell must be like for those with addictiont in my opinion to Devon. Sunday morning, while reading this book, it explained the exact same thing I was talking with Devon about. Not just similar, the exact same thing.

I could dive deeper, but know that at any moment, there are 11,000,000 bits of information flying at us. Our brain can only perceive 40 of those bits of information.

Yup, you read that right.

That means that there is a lot there for us to tap into and to change the channel to.

Perception creates reality.

Therefore we are all living our own, unique realities.

Be unconventional - Kyle Newell

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