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Do You Hate the Numbers?

On Friday, I was talking with a close friend about her latest body composition measurement.

She is clearly ‘in shape’, fit, toned and athletic, yet her numbers make her feel like she took a round-house to the gut.

This is something that I see more and more of; an obsession with numbers. Now obviously, I am talking about bodyweight and body fat percentage here, but this focus on numbers can really be applied to anything — business, school grades, ‘likes’ on FB, etc.

So, what is a girl to do?

Stop measuring.

A person’s body fat is not a moral indicator of the person’s character.

An obsession with numbers comes from the E.G.O and all anxiety and worry comes from the ego.

If the chase is wearing you down, stop. Now, if someone were obese then I would say, "Yes, measure away until we get that under control" but it’s usually the people that are fit and in shape that obsess over the scale.

Make a list of qualities of what your health is to you, such as your energy, strength, what you will want to feel like when you are 70,80, 90 and up and realize that there are people that would kill to have your health, your freedom of movement and vitality.

The people that have truly been robbed of their health could care less about numbers on a scale.

Something to think about.

Think differently.

—Kyle Newell

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