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Beware the Tool Boys in Your Life

On today’s episode, the human strength expert Kyle Newell talks about Tool Boy. for those new to the concept, he is a real person which has morphed into a mythical legend. He represents people that are annoying. Tune in to Beware the Tool Boys in Your Life. Kyle has a fascinating story to tell.

Tune in!

The needy nice guy.

Until Kyle met his wife Devon, he would go through a lot of girlfriends that were never too serious that would invariably break up with Kyle. They told him he was too nice and Kyle would beat himself up over this.

Kyle thought he needed a girlfriend to feel whole. He was attracting other needy people that needed him to fill a void in their lives. When you come from a place of need you find you have more neediness in your life.

Look inside yourself.

After his last girlfriend broke up with him, he did some internal work. He went to the beach and started writing in his journal about what he thought his perfect partner would be.

Kyle didn’t write about just the physical aspects, he wrote about the emotional and spiritual aspects as well. Kyle then had a coming to Jesus moment in his life. He loved who he was and was not going to change for anyone. He was going to be himself.

Addition to attention.

Six months later Kyle met that person he had been writing in his journal about. He did not know it was going to be a relationship but he was approaching it from a completely different vantage point.

What does all of this have to do with Tool Boy? Tool Boy represents neediness. It’s all about attention. Tool Boys feel a huge void in their life and they need attention. It becomes their drug.

Attention is a drug just like food, weed/drugs, booze or porn.

It alleviates a symptom but does not get to the root of the problem. It’s like binge eating. It provides temporary relief. Soon you’re empty again and are looking for something to fill your void.

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Think differently.

—Kyle Newell

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