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Discover Your Path

6 days ago, Coach Mike and I got together to shoot the breeze. We went over a few business ideas and then the conversation really came to life. Once you get me going on the mind and this idea of success, good luck shutting me up.

Anyhow, something we spoke about was this idea of ‘the path’.

We all have a path in life, some are much more scenic than others.

And if you can see some of the theme from the past two weeks of emails, you will notice that looking too far ahead an measuring yourself against some future ideal number will lead to a lot of anxiety and pressure.

I know, because I lived this way for far too long.

I wanted like the dickens to be the best in the world a decade ago and it seemed that I couldn’t speed up time fast enough and that no matter what I did or achieved at that time, I felt empty.

Looking back, as wisdom has come to me through experience, great mentors and Coaches, I have come to know that it was all necessary.

I was on my path back then and I am on that same path now, just at a different point. You cannot be off your path because it’s all your path. The mistakes and the detours are what will lead you to your next post. There is no such thing as a perfect path.

The only way you will not reach your destination is if you quit. That’s it.

Let me repeat, the only way you will not succeed is if you quit.

So don’t quit.

Think differently.

—Kyle Newell

P.S-I will be teaching and talking a lot about success habits, some of which I have never spoken about besides to my closest teachers. Yup, this month’s workshop about Unlocking Your Inner Strength will be success secret top heavy. And a cool thing, it will be held in my shedoffice. You can see if there are any spots remaining at http://unlockingyourinnerstrength.com/may-workshop/

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