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Yes, Bizarro World Does Exist

A few months back I wrote about how we live at the ‘nexus of the universe’. The house to our left is 4 Larch Lane and the house next to that is 4 Poplar.

I don’t believe I have ever seen two of the same numbered houses next to one another before. It’s kind of like when Kramer was at the nexus of the universe in one of the classic Seinfeld episodes when he finds himself at 1st and 1st street.

Giddy up.

At the old townhouse, we had a guy that lived a few units down that I gave the nickname, ‘The Weirdest Man in the world’. As chance would have it, we have a new weirdest man in the world that lives in one of the #4 houses. On a good day, you are lucky if you get a head nod from him.

My life wouldn’t be complete without some extra weirdness in it. But it’s all good because we are all weird.

The key is in embracing the fact that you are weird and knowing that people will ‘dig it’ when you let that shine. No one is weirder than me. It’s a good thing to be though.

Be weird.

—Kyle Newell

P.S. — The May ULYIS workshop is going to be back in my shed office, where I will be covering some truths about mindset and success. The amount of knowledge you possess doesn’t mean diddly if you have a mental block. You can find out more here and we are lucky, you may see the weirdest man in the world. http://unlockingyourinnerstrength.com/may-workshop/

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