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Type 3 Diabetes: Do You Have It?

A quick education that'll put you in the top 1%

Yesterday, an old friend and client called to pick my brain for a few minutes before I headed in to get my new ink. He was toying with the idea of going back to the corporate world after giving his own gig a go. It has been 18 months and he has made very little progress in terms of cold, hard cash. And yes, when you have a business, it comes down to cold, hard cash.

I don’t care what your ‘mission’ is or how noble it is, if you ain’t making cash, you aren’t going to stay in business.

He was trying to convince himself that he still wanted to give it more time because as he said, ‘He was on the beach working, while talking to me’ and he absolutely loved the freedom.


He had flexibility, not freedom. He can gallivant all he wants on the beach, but again, if he isn’t working his tail off on his business, it will fade into oblivion. He had flexibility but most people need rigid rules. Trying to master your own energy and focus and time is damn hard to do and that’s one of the reasons most people should stick with their day jobs. It’s not for everyone.

So, you see, my friend was confused as to what he wanted. He was employing some mental masturbation trying to convince himself that he deserved to be sitting on the beach ‘working on his dream’. But if freedom is what he wants, I explained to him that he was going to have to bust a hump for a long period of time until his business could run without him, which, is freedom.

Most people want enough money to be financially free, meaning that they do have absolute freedom and enough money coming to support the life they want while not having an obligation to show up anywhere day after day.

I told him to call me back once he gained clarity and the confusion cleared up a bit.

You may be thinking that this is a mindset piece and of course, I always work the brain into everything I write, but this is more about providing you some extremely powerful knowledge that will give you clarity over your health and clear up any confusion you may have when the doctor tells you do something and your gut is telling you otherwise.

Let me begin with this.

No, you don’t have type 3 diabetes. How do I know? Because I made it up, no one has type 3 diabetes. Which is cool because I can now give it my own definition, albeit useful for anyone reading this. As I am going through old notes I am coming across some fascinating stuff from seminars long ago. Allow me to dispel some of my top-secret notes with an explanation of how it can be useful to you.

Protein has a metabolic burn rate of 30% while carbs have a burn rate of only 5%. This means that the respective percentages get burned off in the digestion and metabolic processes.

How is this useful to you? Simple, you want to keep insulin low without eating like a bird. We can keep insulin low by limiting carb intake. Most people cut carbs and don’t replace it with anything; BIG mistake! Up your protein. A much greater percentage of it will get burned off in digestion which means it will not give you nearly the insulin spike that carbs will. And protein will keep you fuller much longer.

Red meat will increase your thyroid output.

How is this useful to you? You need to eat meat, plain and simple. I do not buy the hogwash that red meat is harmful for your heart. That is based in the belief that saturated fats are the devil himself. They aren’t. If there were a devil when it came to food, it would be sugar. Sugar and insulin leads to heart issues, not cholesterol. A higher thyroid output means a higher metabolism and a leaner, more energetic you.

There are 4 causes of being overfat: stress, sleep disorders, toxicity and malnutrition.

How is this useful to you? These are all under you control to a large degree. Stress can be managed by some lifestyle changes such as having fun and leisure time. Stress will keep you fat. Sleep disorders can largely be helped by managing stress and taking the right supplements such as magnesium and melatonin. And for god’s sakes, if you have sleep apnea, use your mask! If you live on the planet Earth, you are toxic, but we can limit it. Buy only organic foods, drink filtered water and drastically reduce your use of plastics. Malnutrition? à By eating high quality foods and enough of them, your body will get the signals that it needs to start optimizing body composition.

Your D3 levels are directly linked to your strength levels. I have been saying it for years, vitamin D3 is a pro-hormone. Every cell on the body a D3 receptor.

How is this useful to you? You can easily up your levels by first figuring out where you are at (this is standard on blood tests, look for D-25-Hydroxy). And if you are thinking that you can get the vitamin D you need from the sun, think again. Unless you are walking around naked and live near the equator and you don’t use sunblock, you are going to be deficient. Sunglasses block 90% of the conversion of D3 and any block over SPF 8 blocks 95% of the production.

Alcohol and sleep will greatly impact growth hormone levels.

How is this useful to you? Simple, become aware that sleep is the best diet in the world. Sleep is when damn near all of your hormones are regulated. Alcohol effects sleep negatively. If you’ve ever passed out from drinking and thought you would wake up refreshed you found out the hard way that it is not the case. Drinking beer will also raise your estrogen levels. If you are going to drink, I prefer things like organic red wine and vodka. Clear liquors are little bit less toxic.

Insulin is the most anabolic hormone in the body and the only hormone that you have 100% control over. Don’t think so? Well, let me ask you this: have you ever eaten anything by accident? That’s what I thought.

How is this useful to you? Insulin is the most common cause of fat gain. Fat storage turns on when insulin is raised and fat loss comes to a screeching halt when insulin is elevated. Insulin has an inverse relationship to cortisol, known as the ‘fishing effect’. If one is high, the other one will ‘over-shoot’ two and half hours later.

For our purposes, let’s limit insulin output to twice per day via two meals per day and intermittent fasting. Allow cortisol to do its thing in the AM hours. A spike in insulin will dysregulate appetite. When you eat a typical breakfast, you are f***ed with hunger and appetite for the rest of the day in my humble, but accurate opinion. Finally, the same raw material that makes insulin makes androgens. Men and women, yes women too, this means that if insulin is chronically high, testosterone is going to be low. I don’t know too many obese, toxic people walking around with high testosterone levels. But I do know quite a few large individuals that have chronically high insulin levels.

Fish oil is a must!

The human genome evolved on 300-400 grams of omega 3’s per week! The fatter you are, the more omega 3’s you need. The original and best way IMO to does fish oil is to take one gram for percent body fat. Yes, that can be extremely high in some cases. The typical Americana diet has an omega 6 to omega 3 ratios of 15-20:1. It should be in the 4:1 range. If you’ve ever seen someone on prednisone for long periods of time, you will know that they blow up like a balloon and quick! Why? Because it greatly alters the omega 6 to omega 3 ratios in the body which equals rapid fat gain that won’t budge until this issue is corrected. When you increase fish oil, you should also increase carnitine levels. Any condition that effects the brain will be improved by doing this. Lastly, take the oil, not the pills. I was dosing high with pills for some time and it was banging up my liver because of having to break down the gelatin capsules. At the very minimum, take 1.5 teaspoons per day which is roughly 6.5 grams of fish oil.

There you have it and that was only from two pages of my old notes! As Charles Poliquin always told me, ‘clinicians will always be 30 years ahead of the game’. You, my friend, are now a ‘junior clinician’ of sorts in these topics. Use this power wisely and use it to become a healthier you.

If you liked this, please let me know. Peace! -K

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