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Do You Want More Accountability in Your Life?

Ever since I hired my first, personal Coach, over a year ago, I have been obsessed with finding those people out there that can accelerate my progress.

Yet, the Coach cannot do it for you. The Coach can help to hold you accountable, which to me, is one of the biggest benefits.

At a recent seminar out in AZ for another business of ours, there was a big-ticket, Coaching offer.

Over pizza that night, with some of the other attendees that had jumped on the chance, the topic came up.

Now, the mid-five figures is a sizeable investment. However, these other attendees all acted on emotion. I have gotten pretty good at letting emotion settle in circumstances like this so I can think logically.

Nearly all those at the pizza parlor with us had made the investment and good for them. But when they got to asking me if I was going to do it with Suga Shane, I said no, not yet.

I explained to them that the main benefit in my humble but accurate opinion was the accountability and I am quite good at holding myself accountable.

Think of accountability like this: an account is something you measure. Ability in this case is your ability to measure whatever it is that you chose to commit to.

Just as you would measure your bank account and you have credits, debits, inputs and outputs, you can measure your efforts.

When it comes to efforts, you have the subjective and the objective. Now, in the gym, we can think we are getting stronger because we feel stronger or we can know we are getting stronger because we are lifting heavier weights.

When it comes to accountability, we need to use objective measures because we can only improve that which we measure.

This is your ability to hold yourself to some kind of accounting standard.

When it comes to fitness, we all know what we should be doing: we need to break a sweat by physical movement and we need to put good, wholesome foods into our mouth and belly’s. Rarely is there an information issue, it’s an accountability and habits issue.

As I said earlier, the biggest benefit of having a coach is the accountability aspect in my opinion.

Create a scorecard and score yourself weekly.

Don’t think of accountability as a ‘gotcha’ or as a ‘consequence’, but something you must develop if you want to soar with the eagles.

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