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Some of the Most Important Principles I’ve Found to Be True: Action

Some of the Most Important Principles I’ve Found to Be True: Action

Boys, the one thing I hope you inherit from me is the willingness to try.

The willingness to know that you might fail and that in fact, you must fail if you are to grow.

I was never the most confident young man, which is perhaps why I didn’t have my first real romantic relationship until I was 20 years old.

But it was this lack of confidence that also pushed me to develop a mindset of constant growth and action.

Many times, I would use this lack of confidence to fuel my actions. I had the, ‘I’ll show the world one day!’ type of attitude.

My greatest strengths came from my biggest deficits.

In this life, speed wins. I believe that principle to the very depths of my spirit. What I mean by this is that action is always better than in-action.

You are going to fail when you first start out, so you mind as well fail faster so you can grow quicker.

I believe that ‘good is good enough’. I have really taken to liken writing the past 5 years of my life (I’m 36 now) and it’s probably because it allows me to put my thoughts in some type of semblance.

Yet, if I were like most, I would never begin to write because of this need of perfectionism.

Don’t try to be perfect, it doesn’t work. Perfectionism is really just fear disguised.

I have written three books at this point and will write more. I was once nominated for author of the year, on a list of 10 finalists from around the country for one of the largest fitness websites at the time.

I didn’t read my first book of my own choosing until I was 25 years old. I didn’t have time for it, it was stupid, or so I thought. But the more I read, the more ideas I had to write about.

If nothing else, you guys will be able to read my writings one day and hopefully pass the best ones on to your children.

These letters would not have been possible if I didn’t decide to write each day so many years ago, with speed and an in-attetion to detail.

Don’t worry if the punctuation isn’t correct all the time. Don’t worry if you mis-spelt (lol) a word. Realize that if you wait for all the lights to be green, you will never start.

Speed with persistent action will help you to go far in life boys.

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