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A Champion’s Continuum

What does it take to be a true Champion? Champions are not limited to the athletic playing field, but rather anyone who has that “fire” to BE the best version of themselves.

Champions are leaders by example. Champions take that fire and set fire to everyone they come into contact with.

Champions are built through their level of commitment. During a recent conversation on this very topic, I was sent a “Commitment Continuum”. This continuum outlines the 5 Steps between Losing and becoming a Champion.

Where do you stand?


The lowest of the low. People living in the resistant step never do what is asked of them and often pushback against leaders there to help them take the next step. Those who are resistant will see NO transformation.


Those who are reluctant do not believe in the process. They have one foot in the door, and one foot out. If you are living in the reluctant step, you see that you can make a transformation but do not have the fire to go f*&#ing get it.


You are now on the brink between average and winning. You do what is asked of you, but do not have the Champion’s Mindset to go the extra yard.


Not only do you do what is asked, but you now hold yourself to the Champion’s standard. You go above and beyond to achieve whatever it is that keeps your fire burning. If you are committed, you are a Winner.


Only a select few are Compelled. The Compelled possess every attribute of the Committed AND fuel the fire of those around them. Those who are compelled, are Champions.

WHY does your fire burn? WHAT does being a champion mean to you? HOW will you achieve it?

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