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❗️💥Don't Try Keto Until You Read This❗️💥

❗️💥Don't Try Keto Until You Read This❗️💥

Last Wednesday, I was sitting in the coffee shop doing some writing and work when I got a text from Coach Mike with a screen shot of a local facility offering a 21-Day Keto Challenge.

Now, this happens to coincide with some research I am currently doing about how what I have always believed about nutrition just isn't so. And yes, this is coming from a former meathead, competitive bodybuilder that bought into all the hype of protein, protein and then some more protein.

At this point in my life, I am concerned with maintaining and building my health and fitness into my 40's, 50's and all the way through 100.

Anyhow, there is no better time to remember this quote: The greatest form of learning is unlearning, which can be attributed to the great Einstein.

If I were to tell you to not think about a zebra and I rang a bell (conditioned thought) and then proceeded to ring the bell every 15 seconds for the next 10 minutes, I can bet my life on it that there is no way you won't be able to think about that zebra.

Back to this Keto challenge, I understand as a businessman getting people a quick jump start to build momentum and then transitioning them over to a lifestyle, but why in God's good name would you put someone on something you know isn't functional or sustainable?

Any good program must fit the lifestyle of the client, it's not fitting the client to the program. This is why there are so many little 'c' coaches out there that believe if you can't hack it in their program then you are just weak willed and so on.

Kyle used to have that mindset to, but then, he unlearned…

So, the zebra and keto, what's one got to do with the other. Well, keto by definition is super low carb. Which guarantees that you are going to be thinking about carbs all the time. It's a battle of how much will you have and whether you can resist carbs at every turn, as if it were some kind of badge of honor.

And while we are on it, most people out there don't understand that keto isn't just low carb, it's incredibly high fat, low protein because protein can turn into glucose very easily (a process known as gluconeogenesis).

And while I am on that, putting someone irresponsibly on a keto plan will only add further stress to their life. Stress and lack of sleep will also cause a spike in glucocorticoids, which will again, cause a rise in blood sugar.

So, let me get this straight…

You are putting someone on a plan to keep blood sugar low, which in bro-science should keep insulin low (I used to buy into that too) and therefore keep you in a fat burning state? This completely ignores the mounds and mounds of research that shows that animal protein (no, I am not a vegetarian but I am mindful as I continue to unlearn) spikes insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) more than carbs or fat which is again linked to diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

And you are doing this, all the while they are more than likely overly stressed and if they are like most adults, not getting proper adequate sleep. Therefore, blood sugar is going to be chronically high anyway.

And when blood sugar is chronically high and you are eating a boat load of fats, you are setting yourself up for fatty liver and high triglycerides, both precursors to becoming a type 2 diabetic.

Geez, this is turning kind of science-y so I am going to dampen it down. It ain't no good if it is good but boring.

I'd posit to challenge the pied pipers of this challenge to participate in the keto challenge with their victims… I mean clients.

Just last year, I tried keto because I bought into the mumbo-jumbo health benefits of it but it only lasted a day as I realized I was thinking about zebras and therefore it would not be functional or sustainable.

What does that even mean, I keep saying it….

It means that functional can be done in any setting: travel, work dinners, luncheons, etc. You don't have to be Mr. or Mrs. Tupperware.

Sustainable means that you can do it forever and it's a choice you are choosing because it invigorates you and builds you up, which is directly against a 'battle you must wage' on a daily basis.

Fitness is supposed to be a lifestyle, it's not supposed to be your life.

That which you resist will persist; in this case, chronic binge eating and thinking of the very carbs that can provide you energy.

Keto by its very nature is catabolic, breaking down tissue. Add to that fact that most people that 'do' keto ramp up their crazy workouts further breaking down the body, thinking that if they could just burn so many calories, they will beat their body into submission.

Life sustenance is anabolic, not catabolic. How about doing workouts that build the body up, increase your energy and eating a functional and sustainable diet?

What we focus on expands.

If the chase is wearing you out, then stop chasing.

I'll finish with another Einsteinism: you can't solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it. In this case, you can't solve an issue that was created by a faulty diet by undertaking another faulty diet. You can only solve this instance by working on the mental and emotional sides of the triangle.

Some of you will connect, others will not. That's okay. Peace.

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