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Weirdest or Tallest?

We had our first ever team pool party a few weekends ago at Suga Shane’s house.

It was great to get everyone together, including some of new, up and coming Coaches.

One of those Coaches, Will, played tight end in college and is a pretty big dude.

Coach Mike was talking and said that I was no longer the tallest person on staff, which to be honest, I had never really thought about.

I replied that as long as I was the weirdest still, then all would be right in my universe.

I was partly joking, partly not (although Coach Sam is pushing me hard for this title).

I was fortunate enough to have parents and brothers growing up that encouraged my weirdness. If you want to fit in, you’ll fit in.

But fitting in isn’t what makes life magical.

We are all weird, some people just embrace it more than others.

Step into your weirdness and realize it is a gift.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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