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The Coney Island Kid

On my birthday a few weeks ago, we decided to spend the day out at Coney Island out in Ohio.

When we were about to order our tickets, a sweet older lady came over and told us to hold on because she was going to get us 50% off and get Munchie in for free.

She didn’t work there, she just saw a young family and wanted to help. She told us she had 9 kids and many more grandkids so she has a season pass. All this to say, the day got off to a great start!

Coney Island has a water park side and an amusement side, which is where we started. Watching Brax ride the rides brought back so many memories of when I was a kid just a little older than him, going to Cedar Point and Kennywood (look them up).

We then had our favorite vacation lunch, PBJs and chips and then we headed on into the water park. Just two years ago we were there with Munch Man. So, it instantly took me back to that time.

And it also took me back to the times I spent at Action Park and Dorney Park’s Wild Water Kingdom growing up.

It was the best birthday I had in a long, long time.

It’s important to connect with your childhood roots from time to time. Watching movies from that era, visiting establishments from that time and connecting with people to reminisce about those special times is good for the soul.

Remember, play is a HUGE part of the fitness pizza pie.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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