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The Runaway Pick Up Truck

Roughly two weeks ago, I was driving with Suga Shane to an off-site meeting with my long time Coach and mentor, Vince.

We were around mile marker 34 when I saw in my periphery a black pick up truck jet across our 3 lanes. Amazingly, no one hit it.

Suga looked up and said, ‘What was that?!’

We both thought he was just cutting through but then we watched as he proceeded to cut across the 3 west bound lanes at a violent speed as well, again amazingly, no one hit him.

And off the edge he drove.

We called 911 and reported it. I tried to look up the outcome that night but couldn’t find anything.

There are a couple of takeaways here; never take a second for granted, easy to say, but hard to live. This guy was probably just on his way to work when he fell asleep at the wheel or his accelerator may have gotten stuck. And, if we had been two seconds further ahead, we would have gotten smashed by him.

Perspective is a key element to enjoying your life.

Our, if nothing else, this shows you how important sleep is if indeed he fell asleep.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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