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The First Business Experience of My Life

When I was 21 months old (the same age as Munchie), my mom snapped a photo of me sitting in overalls with a barbell loaded up on my lap.

It was one of those old sand filled weight sets that my dad used to use.

While I do have quite the memory do to my mallet drills:), you may be wondering how I remember something from when I was 21 months old.

I don’t. But I know because she gave me the picture of this memory when I turned 30 and it sits in the office at Newell Strength. Call it what you will but I call it a calling.

Life took its first turn down the entrepreneurial road for me when I was 11. My brothers and I started Newell Bros. Lawn Cutting.

I remember going to houses with the push mower loaded in the back of my parents minivan. We would unload and we would cut away. And I am talking some yards that were a couple of acres, so little young me would be out there for 3 hours plus pushing away.

Then the next spring, D-Wizzle (my pops) bought us an old, used riding mower. To me, it was pure bliss.

That summer I got my account up to 5 lawns.

Then the summer after I had 8 and then 11.

My main competition was a tough little bastard, whom happens to own a multi-million dollar construction company now, that pushed me and pushed me.

I couldn’t keep up with his equipment but I was not going to be outworked.

Eventually, basketball took over my life but lawncare and I had a good run. When I went to start Newell Strength, it came down to starting a landscaping company or NS and I was leaning more towards the lawn company!

Lawn care will always hold a special spot in my heart and now you know why I look forward to the weekend cutting of the lawn with Munchie and ‘Mike the Mower’.

Are you paying attention the signs in your life? What path did life drop you off on and are you moving forward?

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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