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Protect Yourself From Future Health Disasters

It was a weeknight in the fall of 1998.

Two of my buddies, Rogel and the Worm, were over playing a college football video game. We used to play a season together complete with wagers on taking the champ out for a nice dinner.

Man, it was simple back then:)

Well, shortly before I had to leave to go pick up my brother Presh from CCD, I offered the guys a snack to have while I was gone.

Rogel said he would have the sleeve of cookies that was sitting in the pantry which was A OK by me.

I went out, picked up Presh and was back all within 15 minutes or so. About 15 minutes after I got back, Rogel was starting to feel a little ill.

It was at that point that he asked me, ‘Was there peanut butter in those cookies’?

I didn’t know so I had to go down and find the box and sure enough, there was peanut butter in the cookies.

Rogel then informed us that he was allergic to peanuts, which the Worm and I found hysterical because at that time, it was literally unheard of. NO ONE I ever came across had a peanut allergy.

Needless to say, Rogel missed the next 3 days of school.

In the present day, it seems that every other kid has a peanut allergy. I am not sure what happened to cause this, although I do have my theories…

That night was about 20 years ago.

And 20 years from today, I hope the norm is that things like cholesterol and sodium are looked upon as the critical and beneficial nutrients and substances that our bodies need for superior health.

But I highly doubt it since there is too much money going the other way.

YOU need to, YOU must take your health into your own hands.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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