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How Much Is Your Life Worth to You?

Exactly one week ago, I was sitting in the recliner, late at night, 10:30 (late for me anyway).

When, out of the corner of my eye, I saw headlights turn into the driveway next door.

I looked up from my book and thought for a moment who in the heck could be next door at a 10:30 on a Friday night.

You see, the house is abandoned currently, foreclosed upon.

There has been some shady stuff going on or at least evidence of shadiness going on there; which meant I had to investigate this truck further. I was about to go over there when I consulted Devon, whom had me do the smart thing and call the police.

The police arrived a few minutes later and made the intruders vacate, but I am still not sure what exactly was going on.

Which got me to thinking: I have to go back to self-defense class (I went this past Wednesday night!) and I need to get a firearm and take a tactical training course. Why? Because my life is invaluable and so are the lives of my boys, Devon, Dax and Mateena.

All it takes is one time of not being prepared.

All it takes is not investing in preventative measures to make you say, “I wish I had done that…”.

The ironic thing is that when it comes to health, people ignore the silent threats.

People tend to not take preventative measures and people don’t look upon their fitness and nutrition as an investment.

And then disaster strikes in the form of a heart attack or cancer or diabetes and they start scrambling to make up for things they should have already been doing.

The time for me to be armed and ready is before the incident takes place, not after.

If you aren’t arming your health, your vitality and longevity with proper training and diet, well...what are you waiting for?

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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