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Do You Hate When the Car Next to You Is Blasting the Radio?

9 days ago, I was driving in my trusty Toyota Tundra when I came to a light.

And next to me were 3 early 20-somethings, blasting some hip hop (the new hip hop is terrible in my opinion, I’ll take Eminem, DMX, Biggie and Jay-Z all day, every day, over this new garbage).

I get it, I used to have a ‘system’, until it got stolen in 2005 in broad daylight.

So, I make a point of pulling right up even to this car. I look over at them and I turn up my ‘system’, which is now blasting an audiobook by Grant Cardone. They turned it up more, I turned it up more.

All the while I was getting a kick out of it because to them, the most important thing was getting attention via overly loud music (has that actually ever worked to pick up a chick?) but to me, I was bettering myself rather than just zoning out.

I am obsessed with self-development. These millennials were obsessed with looking cool. I used to care about that too, until I realized that I could give two shyts about being cool, I only wanted to come as close to achieving my full potential as I could.

It’s a never ending process. But you can get one step closer each day if you leverage your time by doing things like listening to inspirational books while you drive.

If you say you want to be great, that’s great. Yet, it’s your actions that will determine if you actually become great.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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