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History Will Only Remember the Bold

I suppose I’ve always had an inferiority complex, ever since I can remember.

This complex acted like a pendulum and a pendulum will swing back equally to the other side based upon how far off center it moves.

This complex caused me to say, ‘I won’t be mediocre!’

I’ve shared before how I didn’t even crack 1000 on my SATs the first time I took them. I used to have a very bad speech ‘issue’. I was petrified of speaking in front of anyone. But I kept my mind on being BOLD.

There is genius in being bold. That means that you can be, check that, YOU have genius inside of you this very moment waiting to come out.

You have one life to live that we know of, stop being timid. Stop playing small! This is not a dress rehearsal!

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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