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Fax You Didn’t Know about Fear

When I was just a young teacher in my first year in 2006, I would listen to Jim Rohn on my drives and I would read Zig Ziglar on my breaks. This was at the same time in which the famed book, the ‘Secret’ came out.

I was at a low point in my life at that time after battling a 2 year mysterious illness and one day, I made the decision that I wasn’t just going to give up on life. Nope!

I was going to get back up after being knocked down, time and time again, and this time I was going to win. Something just snapped in me, which is why I became a fiend for self-improvement books and tapes.

Well, both of those legends would often talk about fear and how it was really just False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is future based thinking, so literally we are scared of something that isn’t real.

Yesterday, Munchie swam the length of an Olympic pool by himself (with his swimmies on) and the week before that, he began riding around a bike with training wheels. He had no fear. Yup, he fell a few times but we got him right back in his seat.

He had no fear because he was in the moment, a kid his age doesn’t worry about the future our what might happen.

If he can operate like that, then why can’t we?

Think differently - Kyle

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