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How to Eat a Whole Cake

Devon made me my favorite cake in the whole world for my birthday a few weeks ago.

I enjoyed a few pieces that weekend and then thought I’d have it around for a few weeks if I froze it, to enjoy some more.

Well, I went to put it in the freezer late that Monday night and amazingly, the whole damn thing was gone. My first thought was, ‘Mateena!’ But nope, the dogs didn’t get it.

It was Devon. I was puzzled, because that cake is so damn filling that I have trouble having more than one piece at a sitting. How could this be?

You see, Devon had been dieting her little butt off, despite me telling her to take it easy, because she wanted to get the baby weight off.

When we do anything to the extreme, your body will react in the opposite direction. Hard core dieting leads to hard core bingeing. She had entered ‘super-compensation’ mode, a state you can only get into from intense exercise and dieting (this is how I used to put on eating shows when I would get ready for a bodybuilding show).

We actually wound up eating some raw chicken that week too because her hunger got the best of her and she didn’t want to wait until it was cooked entirely, no joke!

If you find yourself using extreme will power, get ready for a nasty pendulum swing to the other side. Coax, don’t force your body.

Think differently - Kyle Newell

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